How To Make Fitness A Habit? 

Fitness is become more important than before in today’s world. Our lifestyles have made us sluggish and strapped to desks and there is hardly any time for physical activity. 

People now have realized the importance of being physically fit and have started working out to burn off the pesky calories.

People who religiously workout in a gym find it easier to stick to their workout plans. However, if you are a beginner, you may find it a little difficult at first to make fitness a regular habit. 

First thing to do is to stop thinking of it as a punishment for putting on some extra weight or having too less stamina. Take it as a motivation. Look at it as something that will enhance you. When you think of it in that way, you will look forward to it instead of dreading it. 

Get rid of excuses. If your mornings are busy, take some time out in the evenings. If you need daily reminders, set a snooze alarm on your mobile. If you tend to skip workout at home because being at home just makes you lazy, get up and join a gym. 

Make yourself comfortable. Buy the proper equipment that you need. 

Give your routine time to sink in. If your confidence dips and you feel like quitting – try again tomorrow till you get used to it. 

Identify which exercise routine is best for you. 

  • Do you like to workout in a group or individually with a trainer? 
  • Do you want to go to a gym or workout at home? 
  • Do you like lifting or cycling or zumba? 

When you start your exercise regime, make sure you set achievable goals. Do not start with a very high benchmark. 

Gradually increase your workouts. Your body will give out signals when it is tired. Do not push it more than required. 

Keep a track of your performances and aim to beat your own records. Do not compare yourself to others. 

Sometimes, setting yourself a challenge can help lose yourself into a habit. For example, set a 30 day challenge for running 2 kms daily and soon you will be able to run for 2 kms with ease. Or participate in an occasional marathon and challenge yourself to make it to the finish line. 

If you find it difficult to balance your work and exercise then give it some flexibility. Choose a gym near your place or walk to nearby places or place your treadmill infront of your TV and exercise while you watch your favorite shows. If performing one full 30 min workout is difficult, fit in three 10 min workouts. 

Sometimes, following the same exercise pattern can get boring. Include a variety in your workout or put a spin on your normal exercise. If you skip daily, try a variety in it like one legged skips, skip side hops or cross skipping. 

Alternate between different exercises in a week. Like running, swimming, cycling or yoga. 

Don’t worry if you miss out a day in between. Make up for it in the next few days. 

Always remember to have a proper diet and drink lots of water!! 

Happy exercising folks!! Let’s burn some calories!! 😊 

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​Book Reviews from My Pending Drafts – Book III, IV, V

Continued from Part I and II

Book III – Such A Perfect Sister by Donna Hay

Phoebe Redmond has always lived under the shadow of her dazzling and gorgeous sister Alex. Whatever Phoebe wanted, Alex got it without asking. 
Phoebe always had a crush on Luke but naturally Luke fell in love with Alex. When Alex decides to marry Luke, Phoebe suspects that there is something going on in Alex’s mind that she isn’t sharing. But will this mean that Phoebe finally gets to come out of being “Alex Redmond’s sister”? 

This book is a fantastic entertainer. I really enjoyed it. Those who enjoy sibling rivalry will like this one. I couldn’t put it down – I wanted to know what happened next with Phoebe, Alex, Luke and Will. 

This book is the fastest one I have read. Finished it in a day! 😁

Book IV – Keeping Mum by Kate Lawson

The tagline of this book makes no sense at all. Throughout the book I was waiting for when Nita might behave badly but she’s always helping Cass. 
Cass lives in Norfolk & runs a furniture shop attached to her house. With her boys in university & her mom hitting it off with her toy boy, everything is going as usual. When enters her childhood friend Fioana into her life once again. Cass finds herself getting pestled between Fioana and her partner Andy’s relationship which is in troubled waters. 

Just when Cass thinks that their choir competition in Cyprus would be the perfect opportunity to get away from all this, that’s when the real drama starts. 

This book is slow to start. There isn’t anything much happening until the All Stars get to Cyprus. After that it picks pace and turns out to be a good read. Though with the ending, it nose dives again. 

Book V – Kate’s Wedding by Chris Manby

I have heard that Chris Manby was actually supposed to release another novel in 2011 but after the engagement announcement of Prince William & Kate Middleton, she was suddenly struck by inspiration & wrote Kate’s Wedding in a month. 
No, this book isn’t a tribute to the royal couple. 

The Kate in the book is Kate Williamson. 39 years old, successful partner in a law firm, she was hardly expecting her boyfriend to propose to her. But when he did what should have been the most beautiful moment in her life turns into an almighty source of misery. Kate wonders if Kate Middleton too feels like what in the world has she signed up for? Will Kate make it to the aisle or will she bail? 

Diana Ashcroft on the other hand spent all her life dreaming up about her perfect wedding. She was born at the exact moment when Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles & hence was named after her. So it feels like destiny that she should have a wedding as royal as Prince William & Kate Middleton. 

This novel is the kind of stuff that can be made into a good Bridezilla movie! 😁

​Book Reviews from My Pending Drafts – Book II

This post series is for all the book reviews that stayed pending in my drafts. Continuing from Book I. 

Book II – The Time Of My Life by Cecelia Ahern

I guess I was feeling symbolic when I picked this book up as the first thing to read in the new year 2016 as I had decided to basically give some time to myself. 
I was about to give up on this book after reading the first few pages but then soon as Lucy’s Life entered the picture – the book took on a whole new turn. 

Lucy is a mess. She gets fired from jobs, has been dumped by her boyfriend, is living in a one room studio that is barely clean & is ignoring her family and friends. She has spun a whole web of lies to make herself look good to others. And she is OK with it. Thing is her life isn’t! 

And he – her Life – comes calling and throws her a curveball. 

It’s really easy to relate to Lucy. And the concept of ur Life being an actual person is an interesting idea. What if u met ur life face to face? Would you be happy to see it glowing? Or would you be appalled at the state it is in? 

The book touches upon some fundas in life in a most humorous way. At some places, it really made me pause & think back a little. 

Small small pieces of advice by Lucy’s Life like:

We often do not pay enough attention to our lives by busying ourselves in other things – friend’s lives, work issues, car issues, that kind of thing. 

But with your life, you make a few bad decisions, get unlucky a few times, whatever, but you have to keep going right? Nobody can see the underneath part of who you are – how you’re hurting, how you’re unhappy. 

really make sense.  We are responsible for our own life and what happens in it. 

How else do you think life happens? 😊