State of mind?

Whoever said Happiness is a State of mind indirectly means that we can control whether we feel happy or we feel sad.

And I don’t believe in that.

Bcoz by that logic depression is not a real disease at all. It’s just a stubborn “state of mind” stuck at sadness.

Do you honestly think we want to feel sad all the time on purpose?

Do you believe we enjoy these thoughts about how useless we feel we are?

Do you think we feel relieved when we feel we are the only ones left out in a group?

Do you think these waves of anxiety churning away at our breakfast threatening to throw it up are fun?

Do you honestly think the brain has a switch?

On for happy, Off for sad.

“State of mind”. When you have a large support system then yea! But when left to tape your heart by yourself, it feels like eff this shit!!

Home Décor – How to store your Books

Make your books a part of your home decor!!!

  • The Classic Coffee Table

coffee table

Stack your favorite classics or your TBR list on your coffee table for easy access whenever you want a quick read or a coffee with a read.

Alternatively, a piece of furniture like an ottoman is a great way of having your books right in your den.


  • The Tree Shaped Shelf

This will look great if you have a passage or a corridor in your home. You could design the tree to span the entire length of the passage!!


  • Refrigerator turned BookCase


Have an old fridge at home? Don’t sell it. Use it to store your books – maybe you could put the thrillers in the ice box section 😛

  • Stack ‘em in crates


    A simple solution to an ever growing library collection….Just keep adding new crates every time and watch your world grow.

  • Cookbooks in Metal Bins


Use the same kind of metal bins that you would use for your dishes, this will give a good look to store your cookbooks. And also, they will be right there in the kitchen when you need them.

  • Loft them Up!!

Have a loft? Then well store your books up there!! But make sure the loft isn’t very high up as well. It should be within easy reach.


  • Comfortable Corner

If you have your favorite spot in the house , turn it into your very own cozy reading place!!


  • The Space Under The Stairs


This will not only utilize the spare space but it will be like a corner of joy just for you!