The Lost Village

Curdi is a village in Sanguem that resurfaces once every year. Very less people knew about this deserted spot, but over the last few years it has been attracting a lot of tourists.

Our weekend mission

I had always wanted to explore this place since I find the story behind it quite alluring as well as disturbing.

Long ago, Curdi was a highly fertile land. It had a population of over 3000 people who lived off it by agriculture and fishing.

In the 1960s, the Government of Goa took the decision to build the Selaulim Dam to supply water to South Goa. The price of this decision, however, was paid by the Curdikars. Thier houses and lands would be submerged by the ambitious project. The villagers made this sacrifice for the greater good of thier fellow Goans and they were relocated to Valkini were till date they face water supply issues.

Today, if you visit this village, you will see echos of the past. Lots of houses and structures have crumpled away leaving behind only thier porches and front doors.

In some places, the houses no longer stand but the Cross and the Tulsi still stand tall.

It is kind of eerie for me when I look around at the landscape and try to imagine what this village must have been like in it’s prime.

The old police station

An abandoned well

The villagers still celebrate thier roots here. Every year when the water recedes, they return for the Someshwar temple Utsav and the Feast at the Chapel, which lies above the water line at a hillock.

Someshwar Temple

A few kilometers away from the Someshwar temple was the Mahadev temple constructed during the Kadamba period. During the evacuation, the temple was systematically dismantled, over a period of 11 years, stone by stone, and relocated 17 kms away.

Dark clouds gathering

Barren soil

There is a calmness to this place that is hard to explain. It is not exactly at peace but it has sort of resigned to it’s fate.

After the Finish Line

How many futures did you see?


How many did we win?


Hmmm… you telling me a walk down memory lane was the only option to undo Thanos’s doing?



Time travel is one of my favourite sci fi things. I love the re visit to old scenes, the thrill of re doing things, the suspense of trying hard to not get caught and the subsequent ways it affects the future. That’s the whole fun of the time travel.

But this “time heist” coup was like a literal cake walk for our heroes. They went collecting the infinity stones like cherries in a farm. No rules, no suspense, no suspicions aroused ( even the Skrulls did a better job of being imposters) and absolutely no changes happening to the past , present or future timelines.

The Ancient One and Dr Banner did try to explain that the timeline is like a GitHub branch (dev terminology). Create your own branch, mess in whatever way you want to and then just come back and delete your branch. Everything’s cool!!!

ancient one stone.jpg

hulk stomne.jpg

I had absolutely loved Infinity War. What made the film so good was its ability to keep that sense of danger, of being caught and over run. But no worries here, we are definitely gonna win because umm..

Black Widow: This is gonna work Steve.

Captain America: Yes it is. Cos if that’s not gonna work, I don’t know what is.

See, simple!!

There was a lot of “talk talk talk”, with the actual Endgame battle happening only in the last 45 minutes of the movie. So obviously, all of the characters couldn’t be utilized in a space of 45 minutes. As compared to Infinity War, when all the characters were involved from the start.
Captain Marvel shows up conveniently in the beginning of the movie (says something about the satellites that give Tony Stark network even in space) , then vanishes, and appears only in last few minutes of the battle. Hmm, that’s not how I pictured the “strongest” Avenger was gonna be utilized.

And while the “talk” phase was going on, a lot of forced humor is poured in. Did not appreciate Thor being made a joke of like that. For God’s sake, he’s a God. I don’t see him cracking up like that so easily. Prolonging that act was just cringey. And the Banner-Hulk partnership did nothing to get laughs out of me.

A lot of things happened without any satisfactory explanations off screen.


  1. Destroying half the universe’s population seemed to have no major impact on the universe. (So maybe Thanos you were right about it all along). Except for people grieving about their lost ones.
  2. Getting half the universe’s population back seemed to have no major impact on the universe. Except for people overjoyed about getting their lost ones back.
  3. So like how did the other half of the universe get back? People who were in planes before the plane crashed, do they appear in mid skies and plummet to their deaths thousand feet below? Even after five years, how are Ned and Peter in the same high school? Did Ned not graduate and move on?

I don’t like being left behind burning with questions.


Cap, I don’t know how you pulled that last bit off, but good for you mate!

These two have been my personal favourites since I started watching MCU and I’m glad they got to do their best.

















This cute one, I love 14,000605 💕