​If days were people 

Sunday – Those people who love to stay at home binge watching Netflix in their pajamas.

Monday – Those people who are always grumpy and complaining about things no matter what.

Tuesday –  Those shy people who rarely speak to anyone and just quietly complete their work and go home.

Wednesday – The confused folks. They are never sure about anything. Should you be happy or sad that you are in the middle of the week?

Thursday – The people who try to please everyone but fail at it.

Friday – The always-ready-to-party enthu kind of folks who have a A to Z list of ‘IT’ plans.

Saturday –  Those friends whom you don’t talk to daily but when you catch up, you end up having so much fun, you don’t realize how soon the day passed.


​Arranged Indian Marriages Be Like

Arranged Indian marriages be like:

Read this in Carly Rae Jepsen tunes:

🎶Hey, I just met you

And this is crazy

But our parents want this 

So let us marry! 🎶

According to Indian mentality, a marriage is supposed to automatically fix all your problems. 

Marriage is the ONLY time your whole extended family relations will EVER be interested in your existence. 

First as soon you graduate, they will badger your parents to marry you off. Then as soon as “Sharma ji ki beti” marries, the stress on your parents increases proportionally. 

U have to decide ur entire future over a single meeting. And your thought process cannot take more days. You should keep an answer ready before THE phone call comes – the one call that seals your future. 

A girl never ever rejects a proposal. It’s always a guy’s prerogative, didn’t you know? 

The guy is supposed to be more compatible with the parents than with the girl. 

A girl:

– SHOULD KNOW to Cook!! 

– SHOULD KNOW to do all Household work without complaint!!

And that’s with balancing your job and all

– SHOULD KNOW how to wear a Saree!! 

– SHOULD ADJUST to all the family traditions!! 

– SHOULD NOT Swear!! 


– SHOULD decrease the amount of time spent outside the house socializing

– SHOULD be a sabay bachchi, if you know what I mean… 

And even when your marriage is finally fixed, they will never let your big day be about u. Everything from the menu to your outfit will be audited and approved. 

Everyone around you starts giving you advice. Told you, it’s not about you. 

And this really irritating thing happens when everyone decides to tease you about your wedding and your fiance and it’s not even funny! 

Weddings are a lot of stress. It’s about money issues, self confidence, family dynamics, expectations!!!

Admist all this, you need to keep a smile on your face always. 😀👍