​West Allen Moments

I just finished with Season 3 of The Flash and I’m so ( as Cisco would say ) whammied 😱🙁

One of the best parts of this season, apart from Savitar and HR, was that Barry and Iris were officially together. And I wasn’t exactly fangirling over it but it felt good to see them together. 😊

The sound of your voice will always bring me home 💝

Some of the Barry Iris moments through all the 3 seasons have been the best for me.

Season 1:

Right in the first episode, When the still shy and introvert Barry wants to confess his feelings to Iris and she totally flips it over saying, ‘All I want for you is to find someone who adores you’.
That was when I realized that Barry and Iris are destined.


When Barry gifts Iris a replica of her mom’s wedding ring. Now that was so thoughtful. I would absolutely love it if someone did something that significant for me 😊

When Barry actually confesses his feelings for Iris. 

To keep it all in his heart and knowing that she would never know about it, that would have been too hard to live with. And so he told her everything about how he felt. And that scene was really touching.

When Iris realizes that Barry is The Flash. That spark was so mind numbing for Iris and even when I knew who The Flash was, I was crying as if I just suddenly realized that my best friend was The Flash.

Season 2:

When Barry gets a video from Eddie for Iris so that she can move on with her life.

If that was not pure selfless love then I don’t know what is.

Season 3:

On the porch when Iris tells Barry that no matter what, they will always find each other. I love all the conversations they have on the porch like in Season 2 when Iris tells him to do whatever he needs to get over his past and that, ‘ I’ll always be waiting here for u’ ❤️

When Iris breaks the engagement for the first time. 
For the first time I felt totally on Iris’s side and I didn’t even feel sorry for Barry and even though this was a breakup phase, it was one of the West Allen moment for me.

When Barry sings to Iris and proposes.
😍😍😍 That moment was perfect and the song was so apt😍 it described their whole journey together 😍😍

When Savitar kills Iris and the video she had recorded for Barry is played with the Murder song in the background 🎶 5 4 3 2 1 🎶
That was hauntingly beautiful.

In a way, it’s true there would have been no Flash without Iris West😇


Expectations and Hopes

We generally expect a little bit of good from every day. I mean, at least, we hope the day to be good. This hope leads to expectations and expectations lead to great disappointments.

So never hope that something good will cross your way. Bcoz ‘goodness’ is a very rare entity in today’s times. Just stay neutral and let your days flow. If something good does turn up then let it be a pleasant surprise. 

My funda is that instead of expecting something and then being disappointed, it’s better to not expect anything or expect the worst and be surprised with the best. 

Because disappointment wilts me down in a deep dark tunnel of the most depressing thoughts and I find it difficult to fight it and come to the surface. Whereas pleasant surprises, they leave me in a good mood for days. 

The only problem right now is the wait – the wait for the good to come – that is testing me. 


Liebster Award  

I was nominated by Ann from Ann’s Reading corner and which is an amazing blog to read!! Thank q Ann 😊

Very quickly the rules of the tag:
1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. Answer the 11 questions they gave you

3. Nominate 11 blogs

4. Give them 11 questions to answer

So, here I go:
Q: What is your favorite thing about blogging?

A: What I love about blogging is that it allows me to express the way I’m feeling. On the social networking sites there is always this pressure of being judged or the anxiety of my posts not getting “likes” but blogging isn’t like that. I feel moody, I post about my current mood, I’m in awe of a book or a TV series, I can go ahead and post about it. It’s like my corner on the Internet 😊

Q: What is one thing you wish you knew when you started your blog?

A: I was very unsure when I started my blog but gradually it grew on me and with ease. So, I would like to take the lessons as they come. 😁

Q: What is your most anticipated release for the rest of the year?

A: This year it wasn’t a book I was awaiting but Game of Thrones Season 7!! It brightened up my Mondays at work!

Q: Which author do you think shaped your reading the most? 
A: As a child all I read were Enid Blyton books – Famous Five, Secret Seven, Malory Towers…. These books made reading my favorite hobby.

Q: What color book do you own the most of?

A: Umm that’s hard to make out.. It’s a jumble of colors in my book shelf 😁

Q: Do you eat or drink while you are reading? 
A: No nothing!! When I’m reading, I’m only reading.

Infact, that’s also exactly when Mom  decides to show up to talk and I’m like, ‘Mom, I’m doing something here.’

Q: What TV Shows are your current favorites?

A: Game of Thrones

The Flash

Q: Harry Potter or Twilight?

A: Harry Potter!! It leaves me spellbound even after n number of marathons.

And honestly I never liked Twilight.

But if it was Harry Potter vs Vampire Diaries (The TV series version) that would have been a close call for me. 😁

Q: How long do you think it takes you to read a book? (on average, of course)

A: Three to four days

Q: What book are you currently reading? 

A: Just finished with Winter – the last book in the Lunar Chronicles.

I actually read TV show transcripts also and I’m currently on The Flash Season 2 transcript

Q: Who are some of your favorite bloggers that you think everyone should check out?

A: My favorite bloggers are

1.  Flygirl @ https://boredppl.wordpress.com

2. Jai @ https://metroandlife.wordpress.com

3. Redheaded book lover @ http://redheadedbookloverblog.wordpress.com

4. Phil Soukoulis @ https://whatshouldidowithmylifesite.wordpress.com

5. Idle Muser @ https://aditisharma37.wordpress.com

6. Riddhi Sharma @ https://scriptedsheet.wordpress.com

7. Ankit Mishra @ https://ankitmishra011.wordpress.com


I would like to keep the nomination open and anyone who wants to try it can 😊
But I would love it if Flygirl and Redheaded book lover gave it a go😁

So, my questions are as follows:

1. Why did you start blogging? 

2. Who has been the most positive influence in your life? 

3. If you could live anywhere for a year, where would it be? 

4. What has been the highlight of your year or what is that thing ur looking forward to most? 

5. Which is your goto TV show? 

6. What hobby are you currently into? 

7. Choose one – Pizzas or burgers? 😜 

8. Choose another – Supernatural powers or Superhero abilities? 

9. What is the one thing u do best? 

10. If u could have one wish granted, what would you ask for? 

11. Tell me a random fact about yourself