Day 27 Topic 27: ​Celebrity crushes

My top three celebrity crushes are very obvious. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m crazy for these guys. I will talk about them with hearts in my eyes 😍 literally, I am updated with all of their news, I get proud whenever they achieve success and I defend them like anything against unkind critics. 

Shahid Kapoor

He was the first celebrity crush I had and still continues to rule my number one spot. 

As far as I can remember I was fascinated by everything about him. His smile actually lights up his eyes and when he laughs his eyes crinkle at the sides.  I love the way he manages to look amazing in every new look. 

Sasha will be my forever favorite 💖

Virat Kohli

Yes, I liked him wayy before he became the Indian captian 😎

What I love about him is the passion that exudes from him when he is performing on field. There is some fire in his aggressive behavior that I find irresistible.  I love his attitude of speaking straight from the heart. 

And yes, I like his looks. I mean, in his Manyawaar ads he looks soo 😍

Damon Salvatore 

Yea, I have a crush on a fictional character. If Damon Salvatore was a real vampire, I would loveee to meet him. 

He is the typical bad guy with a good heart. I love his snarky comments, his sarcastic sense of humor, his diabolical plans, the way he gives a side smirk and that “eye thing” that he does. 

The way in which he actually cares a lot but is unable to express it properly and hence will end up doing stupid things when hurt is something that makes my heart reach out to him. 

Damon, I wish u were real. 😘

And when I finally settle down in life, I would always wish for my guy to have all qualities like my celebrity crushes 😜 I may not get all that I know but I can always wish for it right? 😜😜

Day 26 Topic 26: ​Birthday Checklist

Organizing a birthday party for ur little one can get pretty hectic. A simple checklist of items could help u organize ur event better. 

1. Make a guest list. Of course, nobody makes a perfect list in one shot. It will always be tentative and u will keep adding and deleting names but at least u will get an average idea of how many guests to expect. 

2. Book a venue. According to ur guest capacity, u will need a venue that has enough space for the stage, the guests and the buffet. Considering the rate at which halls get pre-booked, u need to book ur venue well in advance. Say 2-3 months before ur event. 

3. Book the caterer. Mostly halls have contacts with caterers so u could book it through them. Or u could do it separately. Be clear on ur menu and make sure you have an idea of what the dishes would taste like. Like they say, guests always remember the food. 

4. Book an event planner. This will be the guy who will compere your event for u, organize activities and games and keep the party mood on. 

5. Theme. Choose a theme for ur child’s birthday. There are so many Disney themes available, u could pick one for their every birthday. Stick to one theme. Usually some people mix two themes but I feel one simple uncomplicated theme would look much better. 

6. Hall decorations. Ur hall decorations must be according to the theme. Make sure the stage deco is attractive to the eye bcoz that is where the major attention will be. U don’t want to overdo the deco but u don’t want to underdo it as well. Rest of the hall can be be decked in similar colors. U can have balloons in coordinating colors. As well as the chairs. U can decorate the entrance to the hall as well. That way ur guests get a feel of entering into ur party world. 

7. Design ur birthday card. Design it according to your theme to make it look beautiful. Choose  appropriate wordings. Mention the date, time and venue(possibly give venue directions) correctly on the card. Give a number to RSVP or contact just in case. 

8. Book the cake. Again if it is in accordance with the theme, it would look pretty. U may choose the designs as available with the shops or give them a design u have in mind and get it custom made. Make sure that the  cake will be transported to ur venue properly and on scheduled time. U don’t want it in too early, lest it gets melted. 

9. Book the photographer. Needless to say, a good photographer who would suggest u good poses and shoot a beautiful album. There is a trend lately for baby shoots, so if u want to, u can plan one for ur child. 

10. Shop for ur outfits. Shop for ur accessories as well. Make sure you and your baby’s entire look is well thought of and ready to avoid last minute hassles. 

11. Shop for return gifts. Since it is a birthday party, u may opt for gifts only for the kids. Some choose to gift the entire family one gift as well. It’s entirely a personal choice. If ur host is getting the spot prizes, then well and good, else buy that too. 

12. Gift pack them and keep it ready. I would suggest keeping a gift table in the hall for guests to keep their gifts on to avoid hassle. Choose proper music for the evening and side attractions like singing, balloon artists and tattoo artists if needed. 

13. Send out the invites. At least a week in advance so ur guests can  plan their week as well. U can either choose to print ur invites and hand deliver it personally or send an e-invite. A phone call to ur guests along with the e-invite would add a personal touch. 

I hope the above points were useful. I’m not much of an expert but recently with the buzz of my nephew’s birthday party going on, I thought of drawing up a quick list. 😊

Day 25 Topic 25: No Middle Ground

It’s either everything at once or nothing at all! 

My graph just starts great and then bang! drops without any prior warning. And when it drops, it drops so low that I can’t pick myself up again. 

It’s either a swarm of people around me all trying to talk together at the same time or it’s no one at all nearby when I need to reach out. 

It’s either a weekend chalked full of plans or a weekend at home tucked under the blanket. 

And it’s in these moments when I’m truly alone that I want someone, anyone, to reach out to me and tell me that I matter. That they want me to crawl out from under that blanket and talk to them. That they want  to actually sit next to me and spend some time with me. 

Bcoz when I’m  are a part of the crowd, I  feel like my presence or absence here wouldn’t have made much of a difference to anyone there anyway. The party never stops. So if I withdraw myself away I wouldn’t be missed. Nobody is actually going to come looking for me. 

And I’ll just be waiting for I don’t know what.