​N for Nervous

 I’m a nervous wreck. 

I get nervous about things…

as small as getting up next day on time or reaching somewhere on time… 

to things as major as taking some decisions. 

You would think that doing something once and knowing I can do it, would make it easier for me the next time?? 

For example, take these marathons. We have been at a couple of them now and I know I can finish it. And it’s not even like it’s a race and my team’s fate depends on it or something. But I get nervous every single time. I feel like I will not be able to complete it. 

I get nervous if I’m asked to start a presentation first or if I am required to start a conversation. I mean, once that first word is out of my mouth, everything goes smoothly and I feel good at the end of it. 

But the initial jitters… 

They range from being unable to get the words out on time ( small frights) 

to feeling like puking my breakfast out ( moderate scares)

to heart beat accelerating ( serious fears).

U might think a confidence boost would help? Optimistic words irk me more 😂 I know, I’m weirdly programmed. 


M for Mellow

Summer evenings in Goa are my favorite❤️

They are always so warm and mellow 💕

Pic Credits: Nik 

Location: Querim Beach, North Goa

​L for Loyal

Loyalty is a quality I greatly admire.. 

When you say you are loyal, it doesn’t mean you have to support someone through right and wrong. Do support them when they are right but correct them if they are wrong. Loyalty means you are never going to abandon them through right and wrong. 

In today’s fickle minded world, loyalty is become a test of moral strength. I appreciate a person who can stay loyal to their values & relations.