An Unplanned Journey

“What is it that you plan to do with your one precious life?”

I stumbled upon this question while I was going through a website.

All around me are people who are sure about what they want to achieve in life. All set and focused towards achieving their goals. And along with them there’s me – who’s just got up from bed reluctantly & dragging her feet along with the day because frankly I just want today to end.

I do not know how I want the bigger picture of my life to look like – I don’t know which job I really wanna do, which city I really want to be in – I really don’t know how I want to settle down in life.

But what I would really really like to do in life is to
wake up each morning without regrets, see new places, taste great food, keep my parents happy, catch up with friends & chat for hours, fall in love & be loved in return, do a job that I love & love the job that I do, fall asleep feeling satisfied & just smile uninhibited.

If I could just have these moments in my life then I am done designing the master plan of my life.

5 thoughts on “An Unplanned Journey

  1. i too agree with carol.. life is a race n all r into da same race as u r in. da only difference here is how one overcomes da huddles !!! some fall down n get hurt while some jump over it n move ahead. n da ones dat move ahead are da winners in da race!!!!
    right na???

    so leave da hurdles behind…. rise if u have fallen n move ahead. there is a lot of happiness waiting for u. 🙂 dont overshadow it wid da pain. jus move along….. 🙂

    awaiting ur next post 🙂

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  2. I felt just like you as well. Everyone had a profession i.e solicitor, doctor or a teacher but I couldn’t ‘fit’ into a mould. Then, I rediscovered my love for writing and speaking which I do on the side and plan to do full time.

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  3. Thweta, We are all in a race for a better this, better that while keeping our parents happy and at the same time have the time of our life with our friends. That’s what all people try to do in life. I know I try to.

    We must count the moments of happiness and joy that we have in life, coz they make our dull days bright… 🙂

    Loved the post dear !! 🙂 It’s Perfect !

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