The Flashbacks That Follow

I am always the one who is left behind to say good bye to everyone.

People come in my life and touch my heart, spend so much time with me and give me so much to remember and then one fine day they tell me that they are leaving. I am not the one who will beg people to stay just because I need their company. I understand that I can’t ask anyone to stagnate their lives coz of me. Everybody should move on and live their lives.

But what really gets to me is that all are so willing and so happy to move on with their lives without me. Nobody wants me to be a part of their future. I am left all by myself while my friends and family set out to achieve what they want.

And that makes me wonder, will anyone ever come into my life who will say that they are here to be besides me and never leave? Will anyone want to make me a part of their lives for keeps? I hate being left alone. It makes me feel like an insignificant dust particle.

One thought on “The Flashbacks That Follow

  1. Don’t worry baba, some of us need you in their future, So don’t say your byes so soon. We may come to bug you from our afterlife too. 😛
    Insignificant dust particle ? Oh please ! YOU are our precious gem ! ❤

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