When I first heard about the movie ‘Roy’, I was very excited to see it, then the songs from the movie drove me more crazy, but when I finally saw the movie yesterday, I felt like I had been struck with a heavy pole and the dull pounding is still there in my head.

‘Roy’ was a complete disappointment for me.

The film is about a director Kabir Grewal(Arjun Rampal) who is famous for his movie series “Guns” much like all are crazy about ‘Dhoom’ and its about a thief and his famous robberies & all the dectectives know about the thief are – behold – his mysterious “eyes”. Pretty innovative naa? (Sarcasm intended!!).

Kabir is also famous for his link ups and break ups. Kabir meets Ayesha(Jacqueline Fernandez) another film maker while on his shoot in Malaysia. Kabir is instantly drawn to her while she doesn’t want to be just-another-girl-on-his-list.

Kabir actually has no plot for his film (“Guns III”), he makes up his plot on the fly as he hangs out and tries his luck with Ayesha. So, Ayesha’s sort of his muse – while she’s there, his brain works & his film has a script. And one day she leaves & Kabir is stranded with no inspiration & no script & hence dangles the fate of his movie.

Will Kabir be able to pull up his socks & pump his imagination without Ayesha? Will Kabir’s script ever be complete?

Basically, the film like it’s plot has no plot at all. It looks like it was written whenever the writers got time over drinks and cigarettes.


And where does “Roy” Ranbir Kapoor and Jacky’s much talked about double role fit into this?

Spoiler: They are in Kabir’s imagination and script. Pah!!! 😛


For the entire length of 145 minutes, Arjun gets to flirt & Jacqueline gets to wear awesome outfits and darkkkk lipstick shades & show us all how flexible she is.


Ranbir has the same deadpan expression throughout the film. It’s like he’s saying in his head the whole while, “Okay, let’s just shoot this and get over with it.”. Even when he’s supposedly having a good time with Jacqueline he’s got this look on his face which reads, like how we say back home in Konkani, “Naka go bai!!! Puro zale!!! Chal, yaa aata ghara”.

The songs are the only good thing here. Stunning Malaysian locales & pretty faces just cannot save this movie.

Packing up, I’ll say, STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!!! U honestly wouldn’t care ki Yeh hai ki Nahi.


One thought on “Roy

  1. Shweta !! I loved this movie !! ❤ How could you say such bad things about such a great movie ?!! It kept me awake by confusing me and making me notice things like tattoos and how planes fly…. 😛 Awesome movie man !! 😛 😛

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