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Friendship Is…. A Million Little Things

  • Telling your best friend that you’ll do something only if they do it too. After all, we are partners in crime 😛


  • Looking at each other & simultaneously exploding in laughter2
  • When only we get the joke in some innocent thing someone says and we exchange that “knowing” look and smile within ourselves


  • When we scare the hell out of each other


  • When we talk, laugh and punch each other oblivious to other people in the surroundings


  • When we sit and talk for hours about anything & everything
  • And when we say, we wont tell anyone but end up telling each other
  • When we tease each other with things that irritate us the most


  • When we give each other funny nicknames, esp based on some funny incident
  • When we turn up unannounced at the friends doorstep bcoz the friend needs us
  • When we stop doing everything and rush to a friend’s need
  • When we encourage & appreciate each other’s talent


  • When we make the other listen to a song or watch a movie or read a book that we loved


  • When we enthusiastically pose for photos & crazy selfies


  • When we can ping each other anytime, say had simply pinged & then start a conversation that goes on for quite a long time
  • When we make plans, then re-plan , then plan again & finally make a random plan
  • U can guarantee every time spent hanging out together will be the best time spent


  • When we all eat from the same plate and when we all dance together


  • When we know when to get them to smile and how
  • When we throw those SURPRISE!!!! Birthday parties


  • Their enemy becomes our enemy too
  • Who takes one look at your face and instantly understands what’s going through your mind
  • Who supports you when you feel let down & puts that self-confidence in you again


  • Who knows how messed up you can be but still goes with the good in you
  • Even if we meet each other after a long time or chat after a long period, it still feels like we met & spoke yesterday
  • They have a solution to all our problems. They are our built-in doctors 😀


They are a part of our lives in so many ways that we just can’t imagine our lives without them 🙂 🙂 🙂



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