Giving Change A Chance

3 weeks ago I would have never believed that I would be actually relocating to a new city. Even though it’s for a temporary period, it’s a first for me. I have never stepped a day away from my family & friends and then suddenly I am faced with the opportunity of moving to a metro city.

A myriad number of emotions ran through me when I first heard about my deputation.

Confused. What should I be feeling at this point? Happy – that I got a project opportunity? Anxious – bcoz it’s in Pune? Lonely – bcoz I’ll be away from family & friends? Determined – that I should show that I can survive in a new city? or Sarcastic – let’s move away from all & see if they miss me?

Then I finally thought – what the hell, lets just trust & let go.

And so, here I find myself today moving around in buses & cabs & autorickshaws when all I did at home was sing loudly with the wind behind the bike while Dad crazily accelerated the speed.

Getting up with the alarm clock instead of just snoozing it out and enjoying that “just some more sleep” before my cats came & pawed at me & told me it was time to wake up & have breakfast.

Eating breakfast at guest house terrace where all I did earlier was snuggle in a warm corner of my kitchen while mom brought me tea.

I miss sharing my breakfast with my cats. I just can’t eat these aloo paranthas full even though they are tasty.

I miss those bus rides to office where we all started our day teasing & irritating each other.

This new office may be much bigger & “good looking” but it doesn’t match the comfortable & friendly feeling of my old office.

Hours spent laughing & talking on “our couch” have been replaced with just being glued to the desktop screen.

All familiar and friendly faces and smiles in the cafeteria have been swapped with a bunch of strangers each day.

No more waiting at the bus stop to chat with friends. No more reaching home swiftly. Here, the traffic gets to decide your plans for u.

No more going back home & blabbing about the day to mom & sister, no more bugging younger brother. Just a phone call saying, yes I have reached home safely.

No more lazing around while mom fixes dinner. Now I have to go out & fetch the dinner myself.

No more hugging my teddy and mummy and sleeping. I have learnt to let go of this fear.

A lot of things are changing and I miss my family and my friends a lott but they say u aren’t growing if u aren’t changing. So, lets give this change a chance. Fingers crossed.

4 thoughts on “Giving Change A Chance

  1. I am very .much proud of you you are really very very courageous. your blogs really made me feel that you are very close to me. God will bless you always’

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  2. Proud of u sis!!!! u r really courageous !!!! v all r really missing u very very much… 😦 v r always wid u.. stay good. u have already taken dis opportunity as a challenge n i know u will very well prove it. V r always by ur side. dont feel alone. awaiting ur return….. stay strong n take care 🙂 miss u 🙂 v r really proud of u!!! love u sis 🙂

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