Dedicated to Roomies

Based on the real life experiences shared by my friends *tongue-in-cheek smiley* bcoz I was never a hostelite.

The ‘Absent-minded roomies’ – They always forget something or the other. And they will always remember it when u have locked and bolted ur flat and are halfway to ur office. Worse, they will make u fetch the things they have forgotten for them


The ‘Roomie-turned-Best-Friend’ – U meet like casual strangers and then just get talking and talking and talking and u realise that ur roomie is ur perfect mirror image!!!


Some roomies are always into their cell phones and are very happy about it. They do all their routine stuff single handed bcoz their other hand is always busy punching alphabets onto their keypads.


When ur best friend comes to live with u!!! OMG! U are so happy u cant belive it!


And when ur best friend shifts away 😦

There are some roomies who are ready to plan out anytime anyday any occasion

Im ready to partay

And there are some who don’t want to get out of their beds..not even for weekends


The one who thinks all of your stuff is thiers


And the ones who will not share a single thing!!


And they are those who wont help in gharelu budget(household budget)


Those who want to take care of everyone. Every time they start lecturing u, u go like,


The cleanliness types who set about putting everything right. Its fine till the time they are contained to their stuff but if they try to organize ur mess *crashed helmet smiley*


The room mate who cant cook and  is therefore of no help at all!!


Those early stage love birds who will be cooing into their cellphones till the dawn breaks


The one who talks a LOTTTT!!!


Some room mates shut themselves up in their rooms as soon as they enter home
and some will go out on a Friday and tumble back home in the middle of a Sunday night

U have no clue whats up with them and u are always surprised to find them home!


But they do become a very memorable part of our lives 🙂 and we wouldn’t have had half the amount of fun if not for these very room mates


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