Excerpts from the diary of the Dreamer and the Loner

12:05 pm, Tue 9 Jul 2013

I’m thinking of starting this diary (nicked from my almari from where I presume mom kept it). So that one day, when I read this, many years later, I may laugh at how foolish I was, maybe have some tears in my eyes.

12:16 pm, Wed 14 Aug 2013

Everyone seems to have something or the other to do. Only I don’t! There are these long periods of time in which I have absolutely no work to do and no one to talk to. Some say I am lucky to have this life wherein I don’t have to do anything at all. Well then , wouldn’t it have been better if I had been a dummy at some store? I wouldn’t have had anything to do then either.

07:19 pm, Sun 25 Aug 2013

Am I scared? Am I apprehensive? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I will be crushing the expectations of so many people if I don’t get in.

07:38 am, Thu 10 Oct 2013

I did it! I fulfilled everyone’s hopes – I got in! It should make me happy right? But it isn’t!

07:43 pm, Fri 6 Dec 2013

I had FUN! There’s no denying it! I did enjoy myself! First when the day began I was so nervous & occupied about everything. And then suddenly out of the blue comes that client call at 10.00

07:43 pm, Sat 1 Feb 2014

What a day today! “A day well spent” All this time that I had been around to Panjim, I had never imagined that I would return back one day to stroll around and with whom – the unlikeliest pair of people I would ever think of!

03:45 pm, Sat 26 Apr 2014

Couldn’t resist! Had to write this, no light and cell battery dead – but my Twitter review of 2 States has to go up right? 😀

07:27 pm, Sun 27 Apr 2014

Why is it that I have no one to talk to just when I really need someone? Is it bcoz of me? Do I drive away people? Or hurt them in some way? Then what about the number of times when people hurt me?

05:29 pm, Sun 10 Aug 2014

What an awesome day I had yesterday! I loved each and every moment of the trek & whenever I look back and think about PSL, this trek is one of the memories that I’ll fondly remember. Kehte hain, life mein not all people will be with u forever, some just come , be a part of ur journey and add some wonderful chapters to ur life.

04:08 pm, Sat 27 Dec 2014

I am really so very confused. Why do people always behave one way and then change completely and behave some other way?

03:44 pm, Sun 18 Jan 2015

Somehow, a sports day always brings out the worst in me. But when my Flygirl & my Geet both supported me that way on the ground, I was really very touched. That care & concern automatically brought tears to my eyes esp when my Geet guessed what was going on in my mind without me telling her what I was feeling.

09:27 pm, Thu 2 Jul 2015

So I’m told that this is called moving on. And so what will I do now? I’ll move on and live everyday like I DON’T CARE.

09:30 pm, Thu 7 Aug 2015

Dear Diary, here I am talking to u bcoz I have no one to talk to right now. I feel like a demented creature, desperately waiting by my phone, checking it every 5 minutes, hoping just hoping that someone , anyone will message and want to speak to me. But hey surprise! Or should I say, No surprise!

05:40 pm, Sun 30 Aug 2015

I sometimes feel I expect too much…drama..out of my life. If it is simple & normal, it is too boring for me. If it quickens it’s pace too much, I cant keep up!

07:12 pm, Sun 6 Dec 2015

So plan for Pune is all set! I just hope it will be a beautiful weekend! It’s the much awaited break that I need 🙂

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