Every Girl has her own Cinderella Story….

…. and a Prince Charming that she waits for.

With Valentine’s day around the corner all the posts that I read everywhere are on love.

People celebrating their marriages
People announcing their engagements
People going out on dates

And then there’s me. 24 and still single 😁

I admit it feels really nice to have someone in your life who makes you feel that you are important to them. Feels nice to know that someone does think about you, someone does care for you.

And I’m ready to wait for that person if that someone will really turn up one fine day and ensure that the wait was worth it. So that’s why I’m afraid to fall for the wrong guys.

I want to fall in love with someone who will make me question why I was afraid to fall in love for so long.

Someone who will push me to fulfill my wildest and crazy wishes. Quite like Damon and Elena style. 😊

Someone with whom it just clicks.

Someone with whom I can talk about anything and everything without having to watch my words.

Someone with whom bickering is as much fun as sharing common interests.

Someone who will remember little details from my long monologues.

Someone who will do little cute things every now and then.

Someone who will know how to make me smile no matter what mood I’m swinging into.

Someone who will make me smile even when he’s not around.

Someone who would simply care 😊

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