Back To My Summer Of The 90’s

I’m a Goan. In Goa, we have only two seasons – Summer and more Summer. But the 3-4 months of the year that are classified as actual Summer are my favorite months of the year.

My friends think I’m crazy but for me Summer brings refreshing memories.

I loved school but I equally loved the Summer holidays. This was the time when we cousins got together and had a blast at Grandmas place.

Summer was when Mom Dad agreed to take leaves from their work and we got to go on a vacation!

It was also the time for family picnics. Still is! We have kept that tradition going.

Summer was when beach visits was allowed. I loved to play in the sand, eat peanuts, collect shells and frolic in the water.

Water never feels quite as refreshing as during Summer. Summer showers are my favorite. Strangely, the songs that release during Summer are also very refreshing.

The days are extra long. So we used to get to play for long.

Summer time I actually volunteered for gardening. Though I only did it bcoz I got to play with the water sprinklers.

Mangoes!! Juicy, yummy mangoes!! How I love to devour them.

Now that we all have grown up and I have a job of my own, Summer time is not the same as it was before. But these memories of the Summers that I have had as a kid still make up for it. 🙂

I think we all need a Summer break from our daily routine.

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