When Guests Come Over


My brother goes like:

my brother bees like

This is the actual motivation for us to clean up our house

motivation to clean.jpg

And an opportunity for Mom to whip out everything in the kitchen and place before them.

Sometimes when I’m not forewarned about their arrival and I make my dramatic entry into the house


And sometimes I don’t even know them


Sometimes when I hate them but still have to smile politely at their jokes

still have to smile.gif

And times when my parents decide to share with them all of my embarrassing stories.

parents stories.gif

If that’s not enough then that annoying little kid starts playing with all the toys that we preserved and handled with so much care for ages.

And what’s that part when the guests want to see our house!?

Then they spot my cats and go like “eww..Cats” “they are allergic” and blah blah, I’m like

spare me.gif

“Please leave them alone”

Then they ask me which school I go to and I say I am working now

And then Mom gives away chocolates from my stock to that annoying kid without even asking me.

oh no u didnt.gif

Then Dad and the guest uncles start a political debate

And Mom and the guest aunties start a gossip session and I go like:


“Uff! God!”

After a while I’m just waiting for them to leave

are they gone yet.png

But they keep saying that they are leaving but don’t make a move otherwise

And, if they then announce they would love to stay back a day at home

you got to be kidding me.gif

The best part is when they actually leave

actually leave.gif

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