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Here’s Just A Thought

You could be chatting just normally and then suddenly he will say a line that is very open ended – you could think of it as a casual line or if you look closer you could think of it as a serious statement. But here’s the catch!

If you take it as a normal casual thing, he will say that he gave you lots of hints but you never responded to any of it positively.

And if you take it on it’s deeper meaning, he will accuse you and say that he thinks of you just as ” a very good friend”

What does a “very good friend” mean anyway? Does anyone have bad friends? Or does anyone rate every friend on a scale – good friend, very good friend, very very good friend??!!!

And I thought only girls throw confusing hints!

Why can’t guys just spell it out clearly? πŸ˜πŸ˜’

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