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Jungle Book


I’m a 90’s kid and to be  honest the only thing about Jungle Book I knew was the song            ” Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai ” . We grew up singing that song and I knew about Mowgli and that Jungle Book is about a man-cub’s adventures  but I wasn’t sure what those adventures were like. (Up until now I thought Mowgli grew up to be Tarzan until I found out recently that they are two separate man-cubs 😝 )

So when the Jungle Book released all around me excitement was palpable. Theatres were getting booked like crazy and my nieces and nephew beat me to it and came back home and announced with a fist in the air, “We watched Mowgli”.

Flygirl was all excited about Jungle Book too so we decided “Let’s  go see Jungle Book!!”

We left office early and quietly as cats before anybody could stop us and arrived on time to catch the 6.15 show with 3D glasses on.

The movie is not bad. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t about how good/bad the movie was.

Thing is a week later, it was the farewell of a team member and everybody decided, “Let’s  go see Jungle Book!!”

I booked the tickets personally and since this time I was leaving with my team members I didn’t have to leave like a cat. Twenty minutes later, I am in the same theatre, same 6.15 show, different seats, different 3D glasses watching Jungle Book again this time in Hindi.

Once I already know the story it becomes like u know reading the same book over and over but the Hindi dialogues were new so I focussed on them and hey they were funny.

But whilst I left the theatre this time I had had enough of Jungle Book.

Next Monday during car practise my trainer says, ” Hey, check out this new addition! Now we can watch movies in the car. See this!”

And I take my eyes off the road to look at – Mowgli!! And that lesson all my trainer could talk about was how cute the talking animals were.

End of the day when I went home, Dad comes all excitedly upto me and says, “Guess what I got u?”

And guess what it was?

The Jungle Book DVD!!!

Mowgli, mere bhai, no offense, but I have had enough of you to last my whole remaining life now!!


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