What Makes U Smile

About a month or so ago my friend Carol nominated me for the smiley thumb award. Many of u must have already tried it. It’s basically like a blogger nominates u, u accept it write a post on what are the things that make u smile and then u nominate other fellow bloggers for the same.

I never quite got around to replying to the ping back for the award bcoz every day used to be like unproductive and dull for me and I thought that there is no reason that can make me smile.

But what the hell, life isn’t gonna change so soon is it? I thought, I smiled. So I paused and then took out the laptop.

So I’m finally doing this post Carol😁 I’m not going to strictly follow the rules but I’ll just list down the things that make me smile.

  1. Watching someone else smile automatically makes me smile. ( yea, I am weirdly programmed)
  2. Being surrounded by something that fascinates me makes me smile. It could be anything from watching a beautiful view to being engrossed in a GoT discussion.
  3. Lying down susegad on the sofa in the living room and watching TV with my family makes me smile. That is my highlight of the week.😊
  4. Just being around my friends- talking, laughing, teasing makes me smile.
  5. Playing with my cats and talking to them in a kiddie voice makes me smile.
  6. Watching dance makes me smile. It makes me feel good.
  7. Watching my celebrity crushes makes me smile – Shahid when u dance and when u smile, Virat when u bat and are on field, Damon when u do that “eye thing” and smirk😄
  8. When I’m having my favourite drink in my favourite glass , it makes me smile.
  9. When I think of some good memory it makes me smile. The smile flashes suddenly – in the middle of anything, anytime.
  10. Doing what I like makes me smile- eating what I like, wearing what I like, doing what I like that makes me happy. Like right now hitting the PUBLISH button of this post, there is a smile on my face 😊

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