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Being Judged?

I liberated myself from the fear of judgement so I could express myself freely

– Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is one of the coolest guys we have in Bollywood. A remarkable actor Ranveer is known more for his bizzare social antics, out of the box dressing sense and for his straight forward approach and I-dont-bite-my-words-attitude.

And Ranveer says he can be himself bcoz he doesn’t care about how others would judge him.

We often worry about what others will think about us. “What if we did this, what will they think about us?”

I know I worry a lot about how others perceive me.

In the midst of all this we forget that the only person that should matter to us is ourselves. It is important to keep ourselves happy.

So do what u like u do without having the need for someone else’s approval to make u feel good. I’m not saying totally disregard others. Listen to all, its free. But do what u want, its feels better.

I know its easy to preach about stuff but hey, we’ll get there with some practise.👍


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