‘Crush’ ed

Urban Dictionary defines a crush as “a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special”


– U get jealous when u see them talking to someone or texting someone


– However u get tongue tied to approach them even if u get the chance


– U get speechless when they come in front of u ( or like how we say it – u go out of range)



– U start day dreaming scenarios and weaving dreams. 🎶 Last night I had this dream about u..in this dream I was dancing right beside you🎶


– U have  already chalked out a perfect future plan


– U talk only about him to ur friends


– And that annoys many of ur guy friends


– U feel like a giggly school girl around them


– U blush as bright as the sun


– U go through thier fb profile to stare at their pics


– U ask ur friends to collect background info about them – everything thier likes, dislikes, whom they meet



– U feel out of the world happy when they speak to you or even smile at you *victory dance*



– U wanna keep staring at them.


– U feel like ” they are the only good thing about this crappy day”

Diagnosed!!! U are soo crushed!! 😍

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