Dear Range

Dear Range,

Why is it that when I need u the most are the times when u ditch me the most?

I mean, I’m lying there on my bed comfortably messaging  or browsing and suddenly ur heart rate starts minute u were suddenly full and then boom! U r dead. Zero. It’s like u read something u didn’t like on my cell and ur smile dropped in one go.

And then starts the never ending wait for u to come back to me. I toss, turn and make weird angles on the bed. I pace the whole house in frustration. But u are every bit as stubborn. U choose to return only when u want to.

Now how do I explain to u how much u mean to me? U are my whole and sole link to the world outside and when this link is broken I feel like I’m transported to some remote island far away from human inhabitants.

And you know its really not fair on my mobile bcoz I remove all my anger on it. So please, please, please stop behaving like a little kid and grow up. For once, be strong!

With every ounce of sincerity,

Your (really-in-need-of-range-at-home) Customer

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