Love u Life

So yesterday i watched this really lovely movie called Dear Zindagi. It made me feel so good I had a smile on my face when the movie ended.

This movie has beautifully conveyed all those “life lessons” that we all talk about. I loved each and every scene shot between Shahrukh and Alia. And I wish I had a friend/guide like that with me in every stage of my life. 😊

Shah rukh makes Alia realise some of the simple things that we all know but don’t follow and end up being frustrated with ourselves.


U do not need the approval of the world to do what u feel is right. U should feel what u doing is right.

U need to stop judging people.

U do not need to choose the difficult option always. Sometimes choosing an easy option isn’t bad either. Esp when u are not ready yet to go down the difficult path.

U should date. U should date all the options out there until u find that one person u are compatible with.
U need not look for all ur likes and interests to match in that one person. Y cant u have different friends to share ur different interests with?

Dont let the fears of your past spoil the way you see ur present.

U should let out those feelings. Anger, hate, love – express them. Say it out loud.

If u do not like something about someone, tell them.

Ur academic qualifications do not make u a failure.

U will meet many people in life but there are only some whom will always remain close to you.

Parents make mistakes too. If u cant forgive then atleast give them a second chance.
Its important to make good memories , choti choti kushiyaan , so when u look back , u will smile ☺

Simply put – Love yourself and love your life ☺

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