Will Voting really help to bring change?

All Goa was talking about yesterday was the elections. We had a record 83%  voter turnout.

Unlike my father, I do not follow the % by % increase in voting % throughout the day nor do I engage in discussions speculating which party will win which area. Honestly, I read the list of candidates while I was standing outside the polling booth – 2 mins before voting.

In my view, all the candidates are the same. Every election we pin up our hopes on a candidate or party we think will bring about a good change for us. But then the next 5 years pass like the same.

Yesterday, while waiting at my polling booth , I observed the military asking people to switch off thier mobiles. I guess it is to avoid getting influenced moments before going in to vote.

Seconds later, a candidate waltzed in & started shaking hands with the people standing in queues. How is that not influence?

The same candidate barged inside the polling booths as well. When the guards asked him to leave, he said, ‘Do not teach me the law’.

Even someone like me knows that no candidate, or for that matter, no one is allowed to enter inside the polling booth except to cast vote. Isn’t that right?

And talking back to the military people like that! If u cannot respect people, how will u serve them tomorrow?

People elect a candidate to work for thier area’s betterment, not to rule over them. If we needed rulers, we shouldn’t have fought for the Portuguese to leave. Why fight for freedom only to be opressed again?

I think we are beyond voting for a change. What we need now is a revolution.

Yesterday, a senior citizen was waiting in line to vote. He was very old & he opted to wait in normal queue instead of the senior citizen one.

When Dad asked him why he doesn’t atleast take a seat while he is waiting, he replied, ‘ We can always sit but when it is time to stand up for something, u must do it. U have to take some pains only then will u appreciate the result.’

We need to evolve our ideas and mindsets if we need to improve. Instead of blindly following things bcoz a whole mass of people seem to be following it.

I feel so sorry to observe educated, independent, working and older people not ready to accept why certain things need to change in today’s society.

Our MLA’s will never be leaders to look upto . We need leaders who lead by example.

I want my Goa to be empowered and free of society evils and unnecessary society chains. But honestly, I won’t pin my hopes on any election to change it.

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