​Don’t Give More Than What You Can

Helping is become a thankless job these days.
People assume u do it bcoz u have plenty of time to spare. They do not understand that u do so by removing time out for them. And when u always help anytime without complaining, they assume u r okay with it and more so expect u to help every time. And if u say no someday , they give u those accusing stares. As if ur contract bound to help.

If its in ur nature to help someone, I would say do it but not so often that the other person starts relieng on u. U r supposed to help, not do their work for them.

I dont know how some people manage to help but at the same time subtly convey to u that – ok, I have helped today, but I wont repeat the same thing tomorrow and I certainly wont do all of ur job for u or clean up after u.

Its really , funny or what I dunno, but the one time u say No to helping somebody , they forget all the times when u helped them previously n hold this one grudge against u. U never get acknowledged for ur help but those who skip their job are covered by excuses.

I have to really learn to say No. A firm NO.

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