​Day 1 Topic 1: Bullet point your day

Note: Okay, so I noticed that I’m slowly slipping into a writing block and I don’t want that. Serious dearth of good writing ideas later ( courtesy my Plain Jane life) I decided to do this 30 day writing challenge 
– 12.02 am : Good night I’m going to sleep
– 1.51 am: No can’t sleep!! 

– 2.10 am: Electricity goes off! Is it bcoz we are using the AC? Did it drip? Are we the only ones in darkness? 

– 2. 45 am: Yea, I should probably check the meter once. 

– 2 minutes later: Just as I’m about to open the front door, Light’s on!! **Greaat**

– 3 am: Oh no! Ghost o clock!! Woke up mom just to feel safe, n held her hand n slept

– 4.30: Not so good dream wakes me up. Oh good, Mom’s there next to me. I’ll sleep a lil

– Around 5 ish: Are those dogs fighting in our compound. What if they are harassing my cats? 

– At 6: Mom’s alarm goes off. Her day starts while I try to catch up a lil sleep

– 7 am alarm: Oh shit!! Is it time already? I need to sleep 😖 No I’ll get late, Get up up up up! 

– Departure from house 3 minutes early, Arrival at bus stop 10 minutes early. Speed equation needs to be recalculated

–  At office: I should have been walking like a zombie , given my lack of sleep, but I’m so surprisingly chirpy I decide to make a latte.

– Those college friends who never spoke to u after college, suddenly ping u to ask how u r 🤔 something fishy 

– Overall, good day in office

– When u arrive home hungry and brother has already beaten you to that crisp packet in the stash

– Kind of shopping for friend’s wedding but I can’t still decide what looks good on me 

– Dinner and then flop on the bed, texting, posting, random random random

#ADayInMyLife #SameThingEveryDay #BulletPointIt 🤓

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