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​Day 4 Topic 4: Dream Catcher

This is the highlight of my day today. This beautiful beautiful dream catcher 😍😊

The first time I saw the dream catcher was in the Originals episode where Genevieve uses it to spy on Cami. 
I was fascinated by it. Not only are the designs so pretty and vivid but the myth behind it too was very engaging. 
Check this out:
According to Native American legend, the Dream catcher is supposed to catch bad dreams and pass on only the good dreams to the person. It is to be hung above the bed of the person. Good dreams pass through the feathers and fall gently on the person’s sleeping eyelids. Bad dreams get caught in the web and are destroyed when the first rays of sun fall on it. 

This story alone was enough to get me attracted to it. From that day I always wanted one. And now I finally have one!!

This one is very special 😊😊 I want it to only catch my dreams, but all my wishes and hopes. I want it to waft lightly with the breeze and make me smile. It is going to remind me of all my happy memories 😊😊


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