​Day 11 Topic 11: Society of Deception? 

I am watching 13 Reasons Why these days and there is a line in which Hannah Baker says that, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have turned us into stalkers. And we have let them. 

It is sort of true right? I mean, it’s an online thing so it doesn’t give u a creeping out feel of being followed by a person in a real life. But by having all those followers online, that’s what is happening unknowingly. We put up status updates and posts and then everybody knows what it was #AllAboutLastNight or #AllAboutYesterday. 

A whole community of people knows where u are right now and what u are doing and with whom. 

And if we need info on someone, all we have to do is log into their Fb or LinkedIn profiles and u all have the details –  right from when they were born, to where they studied what and which city they are currently working and living. 

So much of ur personal info out there! 

And u unknowingly tend to develop this habit of logging into social networking site’s daily feeds and scrolling ur time lines to find out who is upto what at this moment. 

And oh the Last seen and double ticks of WhatsApp – they are crazy. They have turned me paranoid. I keep checking when my message was delivered.
If it was delivered and the person was seen last online after that, why didn’t they read my message? 

I see double blue ticks, why aren’t they replying? Or why are they replying so late? 

Stuff like, they actually might have been busy or No range totally escapes me at these times. 

And then I get obsessed with the total number of likes. I actually keep score u know? Yea, m crazy. I also go through the list and check who has liked my pics and who has not and hold a grudge. 

I think Facebook and Insta have made me more jealous bcoz I see all these happy posts about all the #GoalsAccomplished in life of other people and I end up comparing their life to mine and get sad. Bcoz nowadays the way people act, it’s like, if ur life is not out there on Facebook or Insta then u dont have one! 

U r not “happening” enough. U may be a nice person in reality but u r not online screaming about ur gorgeous day and it’s thankful moments, that makes u “weird”. Yes, someone had actually called me weird for not being on Facebook. 

Then there are those people who put pretty pictures and long and loving posts for each other. But in reality, do not even greet each other when they pass in corridors. I have witnessed that. 

It’s all like an illusion. Like putting filters and telling everyone life is great. Or even putting those sad posts and telling everyone u r facing it and moving forward. But is this the correct platform?

Yea, m not sure, are social networking sites worth the hype? 

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