​Day 13 Topic 13: Conversations I have with my Parents

 So here are some conversations I have with mom and dad
( Mom and me cleaning stuff and talking about things) 

Mom: So, what do u think we should do with this thing? 

Me: I think.. 

Mom: No, I think this is better. What u say? 

Me: Uhh.. 

Mom: Yea, this should be the right thing to do!

Me: Umm, were u having this conversation with me? 

( Dad is watching cricket and I flop down on the sofa) 

Me: Oh there’s a match? Who’s playing? 

Dad: *Silence*

Me: Okay, is that Punjab? Versus whom? 

Dad: *Silence*

Me: Are they batting first? 

Dad: *Silence*

Me: Am I talking to the table? 

( Meanwhile my brother) 

Bro: Just read the details at the bottom of the screen, will u? 

( While going out for a function) 

Mom: Should I wear the green saree or brown? 

Me: Green looks good

Mom: Yes, it looks good but why simply to  wear such a nice saree to this function? I’ll save it for later. Brown is enough naa? 

Me: Why do u even ask? I’m sorted. I’m wearing this. 

Mom: Why that but? This other one looks good on u. 

Me: I din ask for ur opinion! 

Me: Dad, which ear rings do u think will match? 

Dad: This

Me: And which bracelet? 

Dad: This

Me: Okay done! That was easy! Thanks, m ready 😁 

(To brother) 

Me: A selfie? 

Bro: As usual! 

( Making plans with friends) 

Me: I am going out

Mom: Why can’t u sit at home? Come back early

Me: Dad, just drop me till there

Dad: Where are u going? 

Me: With friends, I already took mom’s permission

( After it gets late) 

Me: Sorry Dad, it got a little late

Dad: No problem, even I was late, even I haven’t been home

Me: Where were u then? 

Dad: With friends 

Me: Okay, lets face the music together

( On reaching home) 

Mom: Oh thankq for coming back so early u two! This is a guesthouse for u both right? 

( Discussing work issues with Mom) 

Me: Mom, I have this issue at work

Mom: That’s bcoz u don’t eat properly 

Me: It’s a work thing and it is irritating me

Mom: Yes, u should eat. U don’t eat on time that’s why u get irritated 

Me: Mom, it’s a work thing, not related to food

Mom: Yes, but if u just get up early and have a proper breakfast then it will be better

( Driving practice with Dad) 

Me: Let’s driveeeee

Dad: Slow down.. And why do you need to go in fourth gear? Upto 3 is enough for u

Dad: Brake! Brake! Brake! 

Me: But why, there is no one infront! 

Dad: U should know how to break. And learn to balance just with the clutch. 

Me: Okay, is there anyone behind? I’m reversing. 

Dad: I’ll tell u, keep reversing back, Go.. Go.. 

Me: But there is no place 

Dad: I’m telling you there is place, keep reversing 

Dad: Wait stop! ( pulls the handbrake) This was enough for today, now u get off the seat. 

This post was actually supposed to go out yesterday but I’m doing it today. My Dad is a man of few words – few but powerful words. He talks with experience. And my Mom is a woman who talks a lot – most of the time just because she has to talk 😜

But both of them love me dearly. There was this one photo I had where both were kissing my cheeks at the same time on my first birthday 😊 That’s my favorite memory with them. 

Today 7th May is their 30th wedding anniversary! I wish them many more years of togetherness, and I want to have more such silly conversations with them 😁

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad🎉 Love u both 😘

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