​Day 14 Topic 14: How to Drape a Saree

So, after 4 years now I am about to wear a saree for my friend’s wedding. I had already forgotten how to, so then I got Mom to teach it to me again. 

Steps to drape a saree:
Step 1: Start by tucking the non pallu end of your saree into your ghagra into your right hand side. 

Step 2: Make sure the length of the saree is above the ground as per your convenience to move. It is better to wear your heels and then drape the saree to ascertain the length. 

Step 3: Wrap the non pallu end around your waist once. 
Step 4: Bring the remaining saree to the front. Take the pallu end of the saree and make vertical pleats 3 to 5 inch long. 
Step 5: After completing the pleats, move them from around your waist and get it to the front from under your right arm. Place it on your shoulders. Put a clip if needed to hold the pleats in place.

Step 6: Find the end of the pallu draped around your waist and tuck it in your waist at the left hand side. 
Step 7: Hold the remaining saree from the center and make pleats 3 to 5 inches long as needed. 
Step 8: Once the pleats are done, tuck them in your waist just below your belly button slightly to the right. 

Step 9: Arrange the saree around your waist properly. You may choose to hold the pallu in vertical pleats over your shoulder or pin the border to your blouse and let the pallu loose. 

Step 10: Wear an attractive blouse and accessorise well. A saree looks elegant and beautiful on every girl. So don’t doubt, just go ahead and wear the saree.😀

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