Day 22 Topic 22: Booked – Part I

Rummaging through my book cupboard today, each book has a story of it’s  own😁

Everybody has been a Harry Potter fan growing up and I really thank these books for making my childhood so beautiful. Every summer break I used to have a Harry Potter marathon. I would borrow the two books missing from my collection from my cousin and read along. U can quiz me on Harry Potter trivia anytime 😁

My favorite HP book is the Goblet of Fire. And the one in my collection is special bcoz it was a gift from Dad on my 16th birthday 😊

These were some of the first books I read. How many of u remember Jakata tales, the Panchatantra stories, Hans Anderson’s Fairy tales or the alluring Arabian nights? 😀

Enid Blyton books toh define my entire school reading!! Though I just have one battered copy of the Nancy Drew and a Famous Five in my collection, I have read almost every book possible on them and the Secret Seven and the Malory Towers and the Hardy Boys 😁

These books for making me believe more in magic! I was so fascinated by Narnia after watching the Caspian Prince that I rued missing the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. So my cousin got me the book with illustrated pics in it😊

These Flimfare magazines that mom used to buy for me back when we didn’t have cable and I missed my Bollywood updates 😊

I used to be so delighted when I used to see these 2 in 1 or 4 in 1 books😂 It is the same kind of excitement some feel when buying 3 T-shirts for 399😂

Back when I was a Chetan Bhagat fan. Now when I think about it, I feel like I was so foolish. Kind of like when you look back on your younger self and realise how stupid you were. 

Mana ki one or two Chetan Bhagat books are good but now he has just lost that style. U won’t see me near a Chetan Bhagat book anymore

Amish Tripathy, u made me a fan 😎 Mythology on the rocks with a twist, yes that’s my favorite kind of sci-fi 😁


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