Day 23 Topic 23: Booked – Part II

Continuing from Part I 😜

I love reading books on weddings and marriages 😁 The hustle, the bustle, the designs, the colors, the feelings  😍 Love every bit of it. 

I became a fan of Peshwa Bajirao after watching Bajirao Mastani and I wanted this book. I literally searched high and low for this book every where and when I finally found it I was like, eh, does nothing for me 🙁

A confession, I stopped reading it somewhere in between. 

Confessions about unread books ho hi rahe hai toh, these two books I never got around to reading. 

Sherlock Holmes, I’m sorry but I don’t like u🙈 I know many people will think I’m crazy but it’s just that. Plus look at the sheer volume of it. And the font is really tiny too *sheepish grin*

The Year I Met U, I never got around to reading somehow. It just arrived from Amazon, changed some hands and then went straight inside the cupboard. Been there since then. 

These books I have received as gifts. Flygirl and my sister are the only two people who gift me books regularly. 
Where She Went and P. S. I Love U are my favorite. Those of you who have seen the movies may agree with me. 

Great Expectations just bounced above my head and frankly I don’t know what the hype around Mrs Funnybones is 😕 Or maybe her sarcastic humor is just lost on me. 

Books from my Pune collection. Miss u FC Road!!

And some books u borrow from ur sister and conviently forget to return 😜 I mean c’mon, she doesn’t read them! 

My go to books when I’m in the mood for some chic lit romances or light frothy reads. Seriously, when I have a reader’s block, I just pick one of these books to gain my momentum back!

To more such stories and alternate universes 😀 Happy reading guys!! 😊 


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