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​Day 30 Topic 30: Express

This is the last of my 30 day writing challenge post. 

I’m glad that I took up this challenge and made myself blog on a few topics because it helped me express myself a bit more. 

And I would like to urge you all readers to always express your thoughts. It is important to keep your opinions. At the same time, do question your beliefs. Sometimes, we tend to follow something just the way it is without knowing why. And when I question ‘Why’ I have noticed that the elders do not have any definitive answers to give me, except maybe giving me some ‘u think u r too smart’ looks. 

But my opinion is that the whole point of getting educated was to broaden my thoughts. So why should I blindly follow something without knowing why? 

I don’t want to limit myself. And I don’t think anybody else should or allow anybody to tell us that we are limited in any way. 

Writing is also a great platform to express your thoughts. Blogging allows me to express without having to worry that my opinions will be cringed or mocked or met with an indifferent attitude. 

I hope for myself that I keep up writing regularly. 

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