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The Girl Who Stupefied Me

When I heard about Steig Larsson’s novels, it was that they were already a craze. Believe me, I made two attempts to read. Both times I downloaded a pdf and tried to absorb myself in it but my tired eyes protested. 

Flygirl finally managed to convince me to give the series one last try and I borrowed the books from my colleague and started to read. 

I was addicted!! 

I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off it. I spent the weekend in a daze – subconsciously doing all my jobs with one hand while the other held the novels. 

From Book I – hooked
To Book II – amazed
To Book III – officially impressed!!

Lisbeth Salander is a paradox!! This is a character that has intrigued me and annoyed me in equal measure. I have read many characters in many novels but Salander is a character which is complex as well as really easy to understand at the same time. 

I am amazed with the strength of her character and the courage that she has displayed. This is one character that is hard to match up with – from her eccentric attries to her extraordinary skills as a computer hacker. 

It is said that Larsson drew  many inspirations to base this character on. 

One story is that he described the character as what Pippi Longstocking  – a red haired, freckled girl in a children’s story book – would be like if she was an adult. 

Another inspiration was his own neice, Therese. She was a rebellious teenager who sported lots of makeup and wore only black. She also told Larsson several times that she wanted to get a tattoo of a dragon done. 

Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander

That is how Lisbeth looks in the books and movies. She is also described as anorexic looking and expert at boxing, something which his neice was also known to be.

Some say the character was named Lisbeth after a friend of Larsson’s by the same name was gangraped by three of Larsson’s friends. The teenage Larsson wasn’t able to help her. He begged for her forgiveness later but she refused to forgive him. 

This incident is said to haunt Larsson and Lisbeth in the books too is a rape survivor. 

Lisbeth and Mikeal Bloomkvist make a superb team!! 

Daniel Craig as Mikeal Bloomkvist and Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander

Larsson had planned a 10 book series for this dynamic team. 

Unfortunately, Larsson died before his novels hit the printer. David Lagercrantz took on his novels after his death and is said to be adding two more novels in the series. 

The fourth book called as The Girl in the Spider’s Web was released in 2015.

I will surely like to read this one just for Lisbeth Salander. To trace along the journey of The Girl who Stupefied Me!! 

7 thoughts on “The Girl Who Stupefied Me

  1. I remember reading the series feeling uncomfortable at first and then absolutely hooked with the story. They were never easy books and the characters too did not come off as loveable . I didn’t know the inspiration behind Lisbeth till I read your post . Well, she certainly inspired my internet paranoia with her mad hacking skills . Good post!

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