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Scribed #2

She looked out of the window and sighed. The scenery was passing too fast today as if the driver seemed to be in a hurry to drop them off. She frowned. She wished the driver would slow down a little. She liked to watch the morning ruckus – people in the cars impatiently buzzing their honks at the ones in front, the bikers with their succinct bikes did not have any such problem, the people out in the fields already at work, people walking to grocery stores and fish market, school busses with kids. Watching all this brought a normalcy touch to the day. 

She frowned again. The driver had again pressed on the accelerator. The scenes flashed more quickly. Her frown deepened as she realized her life too was speeding away from her with each day. And just like this bus, someone else was in the driver’s seat of her life’s car. They steered her life and decided the speed, the routes and who would be in the car with her. Much as she wanted to shake them off from the driver’s seat, she couldn’t. Moreover, she dint know how to drive. The more zest she tried to ingest in her bones the more frustrated it made her. 

She needed a distraction. She concentrated on the song playing through her ear phones. It was the new ShahRukh – Anushka song. She had taken an  instant liking to this song when she first heard it. She din know why. But the tune stayed stuck in her mind and she couldn’t get it out.  Right now she could do with any type of distraction.


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