Little Things 

I go on YouTube only when all my other options for binge watching are over. During one such browsing session I came across this cute web series called Little Things. 

Little Things is about a couple, Kavya and Dhruv, living together in Mumbai. This five episode mini series explores the love in their relationship over various incidents that happen to them in everyday life. 

The endearing part of this series is that it focuses on everyday love. The kind of love you feel for your partner at the end of an absolutely bad day or after you have had that big fight over an absolutely silly thing or just the time when you remember each other during your day. 

Dhruv and Kavya do things for each other, fight with each other, eat mutton biryani together 😜 But the point is the love that is between them that gets them through thier mundane lives. 

The series is in English seasoned with Hindi, u know naa, the metro kind of lingo 😀

I get why Mithila Palkar is Internet’s favorite girl. She is a  terrific delight to watch. Dhruv Sehgal ( he has also written this series) is great as well but majority of the time it is Mithila who sweeps the scenes with her spontaneous charm. 

If you are fed up of the clichéd Bollywood or even Hollywood romances then Little Things is a fresh change. 

It’s plus point is it’s honesty. Every interaction between Dhruv and Kavya comes across as genuine and relateable – no shoddy melodrama and nakhra. 

Just a random point, there is one wall in thier bedroom covered with caricatures of them. I so loved this idea and I would love something like this in my future bedroom. 😀

Little Things is how normal couples romance. Bcoz it is the little things that make a relationship worthwhile!! 😊 

9 thoughts on “Little Things 

  1. I’ve watched a couple of episodes I think. Yes, its nice.. a refreshing change from the otherwise Balaji crap (if I have to compare) Mithila Palkar is cute a.f I mean expressions, acting, and her curly hair..hmmm. She’s the cutest thing going around on the internet.

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  2. Yepp..!! I’ve posted earlier but I guess I didn’t mentioned any poll.. I wish I could’ve insisted them to watch before liking the post.. These days we can’t rely on Wp likes even.. False likes without reading the content 😒


  3. You nailed it.. Loved the way how you took that to the heart. What’s something realistic is when dhruv calls kavya to run after someone hitting him from the back in an auto

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