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The Chronicles of Luna

Super Moon, Blue Moon and Blood Moon

On Jan 31st, we were lucky enough to witness three lunar celestial events at the same time. And what we saw won’t happen again for another 150 years, so the Super Blue Blood Moon was indeed something rare!! 


When the moon is closest to Earth, it appears brighter and bigger than usual. 

The moon’s orbit around the Earth is elliptical and it’s apogee ( closest distance to Earth) and perigree ( furthest distance from the Earth) changes in every Lunar cycle. To see a good Supermoon, the moon needs to be at it’s apogee and at it’s full phase, so the Sun can illuminate it adequately. 

The Supermoon of Nov 14 2016 was the closest Supermoon to Earth in 69 years. The Supermoon of Jan 1912 was like 100 kms more nearer to the Earth. But folks in Nov 2034 will get a treat as that Supermoon will be closer than ever before!! 

Blue Moon:

Usually, we have a full moon once every month. When a 13th full moon appears in a year, that moon is called a Blue Moon. 

When a month has two full moons, it is also referred to as a Blue Moon. 

One lunar cycle is 29.53 days. There are about 365.24 days in an Earth year. Each calendar year contains roughly 11 days more than the number of days in 12 lunar cycles. The extra days accumulate, so every two or three years there is an extra full moon. 

This year, we saw the first full moon on Jan 2nd. The second full moon occured on Jan 31st, making it a Blue Moon. Interestingly, this year Feb will not have a full moon. Instead, March will have two full moons on Mar 2nd and Mar 31st, making Mar 31st the second Blue Moon of the year. 

Once every 19 calendar years  (  Metonic cycle), the new moons and the full moons realign themselves on the same dates. So, the next time we will have dual Blue Moons again in Jan and March will be in the year 2037.

Blood Moon:

The moon does not have it’s own light. It shines because it’s surface reflects sunlight. 

During a total lunar eclipse, direct sunlight to the moon is completely blocked by the Earth. Sunlight enters the Earth’s atmosphere whilst on it’s way to the Moon. The Earth’s atmosphere scatters the sunlight and only red light is reflected on the Moon giving it a sunset red color. This kind of Moon is called the Blood Moon. 

Here below some of the best pics of the Super Blue Blood Moon floating on the Internet. Enjoy 😁

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