​Cat Tales.. Woo oo!! 

This post is for all the lovely furry pets/friends/kids I have had. 

Mac 1 – He truly was a good cat. Used to never fight, never steal. Infact, he would do this adorable thing when he would sleep on my feet when I read. And he would sit outside our store room pretending to be all alert on the lookout for a rat and whilst nobody was watching he would doze off on the mat😂

Mac 2 – I called the second one also Mac becoz he looked exactly like the first one. We had bought him home in a dabba all the way from  our native place. The first day home he climbed an oak tree and refused to get down. Since then, Mac had been a troublemaker.

Kukumalu – She was a real beauty. All multicolored and chubby and a bushy tail. And sooo softttt 😍 All were like envious of her. 

Bono : He irked my sister😂 He had a bit of an irritable voice (meow) and would look at you with sleepy eyes all time of the day! 

Gopi: Raizada(Prince) I used to call him. My only all white cat. He was a battle warrior too. I guess most of my tom cats have been rebels. 

Ginu: He is ginger colored. He’s been around the longest. He’s seen all the cats come and go from Malu to Miu. 

Tipu: The bravest cat I had had. She was such a dimunitive figure but I have seen her go upto dogs four times her size and snarl at them, and the dog backed down!! She din take any nonsense.

Judy: Judy is an ideal textbook cat. She enters stealthily, she robs with expert precision ( no one has ever caught her red handed), she’s selfish with her share of food, she’s jealous of the other cats (when they get too much attention she slaps them with her paw, even her kids), she’s proud of her self! She’s a perfect black and white, with black tipping right under the eyes like a mask making her look like a batcat 😎

Goldie: Every cat parent has a favorite and Goldu baby is mine ❤️ He actually looks a lot like Ginu(more like the before version of Ginu). He had a big bushy tail which sadly he lost to an electrical accident. He’s superrr lazyyy, like he gets up only to eat. He also fights with the tom cats a lot. But apart from fight ( his sport) and eat, he has no other hobbies. But he’s so pretty and he talks (meows) in such a pretty way that everyone loves him. 

Kitu: The only grey cat we had. Kitu and Goldie were brought up together. While Goldie lazed, Kitu did the hard work of keeping the house insect free. Goldie n Kitu would fight like hell but then be back to normal like they never really fought in the first place.

Trudo: He was black and white like Judy and hence we named him Trudo. Trudo usually tagged along with Kitu. Once Goldie had an awful fight with Trudo and that day Trudo left and I haven’t seen him since. My brother often jokes that Trudo is recruiting an army to take down Goldie 😝

Qua: Oh she talks, she talks a lot, all the time. Also, she’s a foodie. She loves to eat everything. She was such a cutie when she was small. Now she walks around mewing all the time. But there’s one thing to be said for her, I call her name from anywhere and she knows that I’m calling her. 

Milo: He was named after a milk drink we had. He was a good cat but he died whilst still young. 

Zico : Zico too didn’t live long. I guess I named him bcoz there was a coach or player in FC Goa by that name 😂

Tifny: I tell u, when he was born he was so pretty,I thought he would definitely be a girl. But he turned out to be a boy. So I re named him Tuffy. He’s a mini version of Goldie – looks like Goldie, talks like Goldie and even jumps through the gate like Goldie!! 

Miu: He’s still so small and he follows all the big cats around like an enthralled groupie 😂 His favorite spot is the swing. He’s so tiny, sometimes I can’t see him and it looks like the swing is moving around on it’s own 😂😂

My cats really make me feel like I’m coming home after a long day. ❤️😊

4 thoughts on “​Cat Tales.. Woo oo!! 

  1. Wow! I love cats so much. There was a time when we had an entire cat family including mummy, papa, daadi, mama 😂😂
    But lost a few due to ill health and didn’t notice their illness earlier. I miss them all a lot. It makes me cry when I miss them but it also brings me tears of joy of all memories with them😊

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