E for Embarrassed

I am not going to reveal my genuinely embarrassing moments coz it will embarrass me again😝

Instead here are some general day to day embarrassments:

Awkward hi hellos, fake over bright How are yous

When I say something very basic and the whole table explodes in laughter and I’m like, 

Pulling doors that are meant to be pushed and vice versa. 

Sometimes banging into glass doors which look like they didn’t exist. 

Playing a sport in front of onlookers. Scary embarrassing. Because I know I’ll screw up.  

Accidentally mentioning something that I was not supposed to know! 

Accidentally hitting like on a social media post of a person whom I was stalking. 

Texting the wrong person

This one happens mostly when Im not wearing my lenses – I smile at someone coming from a distance thinking they are someone I know, only to approach them and find out that they are strangers. 

Me walking at my usual brisk pace and there goes the sandal twisting my grace.

It’s so embarrassing!! My face actually does the whole going red thing which shows people I’m guilty as charged. 

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