​I for Indifference

 The opposite of Love is not Hate. 

It’s Indifference. 

It’s not possible to hate someone you love. Or love someone you “absolutely hated in the beginning”. Those two feelings are mutually exclusive. 

But if you feel your hate evolving into love or your love turning to hate, then it may mean that the feeling you had in the first place wasn’t really true. 

Maybe you jumped to a presumption that you hate someone without knowing them. Or maybe you conceited too quickly to loving someone without truly exploring your feelings. 

Then there is Indifference

If you have no feelings, if you are indifferent to them, neither will you love them nor will you hate them. 

They will stir nothing within you. No powerful surges of hatred nor any rising waves of love. You will feel nothing if they move away or if they are returning back home. 

Because it doesn’t matter to you. 

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