X for Xenophobia 

Xenophobia : Fear of strangers 

If I get intimidated by the personality of a stranger, then yes, I steer clear of them. At family functions, you get that stern look from some uncles and aunties who are unrelated to you, I stay well away from such folks. And yes, sometimes, if someone calls out to me, and I’m not in a good mood, I act like I can’t hear 😜 

Bcoz if I can’t hear then I’m not accountable nah? 😜 

Having said that, if a stranger speaks kindly to me, I do respond my kindest self.
I have no problem in pulling up a chair for someone or even getting them a plate at functions, if they respond back in kind. 

I even speak to strangers on the road sometimes, in a conversational tone. But if I want to avoid, I pass them acting like I can’t hear over the din of my earphones. 

If there’s a term like ambivert for being both xenial and xenophobic, then that’s the one for me!! 

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