​Things people don’t understand about bookworms

There are some things about book lovers that non book lovers don’t get. 

1. A book worm’s budget 

People find it weird that a book worm’s idea of fun is book shopping instead of just normal shopping.

 And they can’t understand why it is so hard for us to save up to buy books. 
It is a very hard thing to do!!!

Do you know how much hardback books cost? That’s the reason we go scavenging for second hand books, discount sales, borrowing books and libraries are like gold mines to us. 

2. Reading a book for hours

All we need is a book and a place to read. So if you find us in one spot, it’s very likely you might find us in that same spot after 5 hours or so – again reading. If it’s a good book, we go to the extent of sacrificing our sleep for it. 

3. Our attachment to fictional characters 

“Relax, it’s just a book! “

Maybe to you. But to us, it’s our temporary alternate universe. We have lived their life and felt their joys and pains. Of course, we are psychically attached. 

Infact, I even sit and wonder sometimes after the book is over, what exactly would the characters be doing if they still existed. I know… 😜

4. It is an annoying thing to mis place a bookmark 

Bookmarks to a book lover are what lipsticks are to a fashionista. You can’t start with a book without them. And we absolutely hate it if someone decides to fiddle with the book mark and then put it in the wrong place….!!!!! 

And if you are anything like me, u love to hoard bookmarks and have probably made one of your own already. 

5. Our fondness for literary references and figurines. 

When we see a T shirt or a keychain or a mug or any other thing related to a book or a character, we go mad for it. The fandom hits hard!! 

And we often make references to some book characters or incidents. Like, I tend to throw some dialouges from a book I’m currently reading and they go like, “Are you talking about some book?” 

6. Book peeves

” Don’t touch my book without my permission!! ”

” Turn those pages with care!! ”

” Can’t you see I’m reading? Don’t talk to me when I read”

” Why haven’t you returned my book yet? ”

Small small things really but they annoy us a lot.

Hmm, btw , I just bought 3 more books today and mom’s like:” But you already have books!! ”




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