Koffee with Karan Tag

I’m a huge Koffee fan and Karan has just wrapped up Season 6. I decided to pick some questions from the tray and answer them.

☕ What is your guilty pleasure?
Binge watching

☕ Whose Instagram account are you obsessed with?
The Awkward Yeti

☕ The biggest misconception people have about you is:
When people initially meet me they think that I’m the sort of person who does not like to mix much, but that’s just how I am with total strangers at first. With people I know and with friends, I can’t shut up enough.

☕ One superstition you are guilty of believing:
I have a self made superstition. I believe I’m a harbinger of bad luck for my loved ones.

☕ Are you guilty of:

Buying a whole store while on a shopping Spree – Nah!
Cleaning and rearranging things around you – Yes
Using filters to edit your pictures – Yes
Going through your partner’s phone – No
Lying in an interview – Yes
Re gifting something that you received as a gift – No
Being attracted to someone who’s taken – Yes

☕ If you were a pet, what animal would you be?
A lazy cute cat

☕ If you were a fly, which wall would you like to land on?
Effiel tower in Paris

☕ What did you last stand in a queue for?
At a takeaway counter

☕ A person whose call you will always answer no matter how occupied you are:

A person whose call I’ll always return back if I’m busy is my mother.

☕ A millenial trend that you don’t get:
Using too many hash tags

☕ A fashion trend you don’t get:
Distress denims

☕ Name 3 different styles of coffee:
Frappe, Espresso, Cappuccino

☕ If you were single and on Tinder, what would your profile say?
Looking for love in a hopeless place

☕ A fictional character you would like to have a relationship with:
Damon Salvatore 😍

☕ One thing you do to stay real on social media:
I try to stay real by not being actively involved on social media.

☕ Solo trip or Girl Squad Vacation?
With my Girl Squad!!

☕ A person you would like to go bar hopping with:

☕ If you are awake till 3 am then what are you likely to be doing?
Having those deep late night conversations. I tend to get very honest late night.

☕ If I would open your closest, what would I find hidden right at the back?
My piggy bank

☕ Complete the following :
You are worth it bcoz – I’m loyal.

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