Fire and Blood πŸ”₯

Every time a Targareyn is born the Gods flip a coin.

The Mad King gave people the justice he thought they deserved.

Children are not their father.

Be a dragon.

You have a gentle heart.

You don’t want to awake the dragon, do you?

When the recap concluded with that shot, I was all eager for the sack of King’s Landing. And I don’t know what it says about me as a person, but I didn’t feel a single bit of remorse for the people in the city when Dany went rampaging around.

And Danerys incurring her wrath like that wasn’t out of character at all. It was not the right thing to do I agree but it wasn’t totally random. It was years of anguish, longing, betrayal, resentment, fear, anger, hate, disappointment and loss all pouring out like lava. If you see all that she has gone through, she snapping in that moment doesn’t seem odd or mad.

Infact, I’ll say it made for a good Game of Thrones worthy twist and the look on Jon’s face as he saw Danerys and Grey Worm’s reactions after the surrender made it worth it!!

It wasn’t as heartbreaking as The Red Wedding nor was it as well deserved outcome as The Battle of Bastards but the seige of King’s Landing was Fire and Blood and that’s what it was meant to be about.

Didn’t think I would be rooting for The Hound to not die but that moment with Arya was like a very protective unselfish gesture.

And when Sandor “The Hound” Clegane took over Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, I was staring in apprehension. The Hound emerging victorious from the confrontation would have been too unrealistic so I’ll take The Hound plunging to death in his worst fear to take down his undead brother with him.

Btw, if only Arya had been next to The Hound when Cersei so hurriedly excused herself, she would have easily unchecked the top contender on her list. Just saying 😝

And Qyburn. God, he died like a broken bird’s egg. πŸ˜‚

Danerys blamed Varys for spreading lies (not really lies though) about her and barbequed him but aren’t Jon, Sansa and Tyrion equally responsible? But she didn’t hurt Jon even a bit. Uff, The things we do for love!!!

She wasn’t that forgiving towards Tyrion though. She dangled the bait of Jamie in front of him knowing full well he will take it. That moment between Jamie and Tyrion was nice.

And I honestly don’t understand Jamie. He left Cersei in season 7 but went back to die with her. Badly wanted to see the Valanqor theory come true, but stupid Euron left no scope. How convienent that he was washed up on that same shore as Jamie and then kept speaking so much nonsense πŸ™„


If the “baby” wasn’t going to play any major role in tilting Jamie’s feelings then why show Cersei pregnant?? Oh wait, Cersei never even had a proper pregnant belly πŸ˜’

Cersei does all sort of hateful things but still gets a lovely death – in the arms of her lover. While, Ned Stark died a traitor. How’s that fair?

Though as Flygirl said, they came into the world together and they died together. Which makes thier death poetic.

But still a too easy death for Cersei.

And I guess Bronn and his threatening crossbow makes no sense at all now. Why waste scenes in the beginning on that then?

Also, Arya somehow magically seems to get everything done right to her at the end of the episodes.

The carnage however was shot brilliantly. Buildings collapsing, Drogon soaring, People shrieking around in fear, it was shot very satisfyingly.

A Targaryen alone in this world is a very terrible thing.

Dany lashing out over the city was like my own rage over how disappointingly rushed this season has been. So if things are burning to the ground, I’m hopping aboard a dragon too.

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