Types of People you meet in Bus

My two most frequent modes of transportation are – Dad and The Local Bus.

Since I got married and moved to Curchorem, I spend around 4 hours each day travelling in buses. There’s really not much to do in long journeys so I people watch.

These are the types of people I have shared a seat with:

  • Loud on phone people
    Some talk the whole way and some start a YouTube video out loud without earphones, so the entire bus listens to that pravachan too.Too-Loud-Too-Soon.gif
  • The “won’t budge an inch” rocks
    You have paid for the seat too but they HAVE TO take up ALL THE SPACE!!dont sit on my seat.gif
  • The Personal space intruders
    They won’t let you sit in peace. They have to keep their hands where your hands are, their bags keep falling on you, they peep into your mobile and they think it’s perfectly okay to lean over you without your permission to access the window.Personal space intruders.gif
  • The Constant talker
    Not that I mind some company but some days I just don’t like to talk and it’s like tuning into a radio station by accident and then being stuck on it. Complete strangers talk to me and by the end of the journey, I am updated with their family history.rhony-bethenny-bitching.gif
  • Food Munchers
    Nothing against them , they just make me feel hungry too 😋im-so-hungry-gif.gif
  • The people who sit next to you when there are loads of seats availablewhy-would-you-do-that-gif-9.gif
  • The Kid
    Kids are cute and all until they start stamping on your feet or start whining and yelling about something for no reason.whinning kiddie.gif
  • Always In a hurry people
    They push past you to get inside, they push you aside to grab that vacant seat first, they push you out to get down from the bus.hurry.gif
  • The Seat reservers and Line jumpers
    Technically, the category I haven’t shared a seat with. Bcoz the Line jumpers always beat me to take the seat firstFCFS.gif
    and the Seat reservers be like,VigilantFrailBlueandgoldmackaw-size_restricted.gif
  • The earphone in the ears guys:
    BEST SEATMATES EVER. They don’t disturb you and you don’t disturb them and it’s all cool 👍earphones.gif

10 thoughts on “Types of People you meet in Bus

  1. I’m a CDL operator who drives transit buses and working in Chicago for CTA I deal with this all the time. Hahaa. You are spot on. Don’t forget the people that are either intoxicated or high and breaking in it and think that they should ride the bus so all of us can get a whiff of it and deal with it.

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