Yo Girl, Superwoman

I have been bingeing on Superwoman videos on YouTube. And I have just finished reading her book, How To Be A Bawse ( that’s like a boss but so epic that Lilly had to change the spelling.)

In this book, she talks about her life experiences and some rules she follows which have led to her success. When I was reading, I could actually hear her voice in my head!!

My life is completely different from hers, even then I liked reading this book and I have come across some pointers that could apply to where I am.

Number 1:

“I didn’t always love myself. I had to fall in love with myself and it was a really awkward first date. When you’re all alone, not by force but by choice, bcoz you dont feel any desire to be around anyone, the only person you have to rely on is yourself.”

I’m the first one to point a finger at myself and I end up feeling like everything is my fault.

Apart from one drunk incident, when I looked in the mirror & told myself how proud I am, I have never looked at my reflection with love.

I have lots of work to do to improve upon myself.

Number 2:

“FOMO is like that annoying computer update that you ignore but it comes back the next night trying to get your attention all over again.”

I would be lying if I say it did not bother me when I missed out on “all the fun” that my friends or cousins were having. It bothered me A LOT. And Social Media doesn’t help my situation.

I have not completely got over my FOMO fear but I have handled it to a certain degree that when I can’t go out or my plans get cancelled, I don’t feel that bad anymore.

Number 3:

“My Mom once told me, ‘The more details people know about you, the weaker you become’. I don’t believe anyone should know everything about you.”

I talk to everyone about my life and give everyone the same details. Many times I have experienced that people use this to get me to do their work or to ridicule me in situations.

But isn’t the reason that they could use info about me against me is bcoz I provided it to them in the first place?

I want to be an open book but after I have torn out a few pages from it.

Number 4:

“Whatever it is, you’re about to do something important and you’re thinking that if it doesn’t work out, your life is literally over.

To this I say: STOP. No one thing should make or break you.”

Almost all of my major life decisions haven’t turned out the way I wanted them to. And each time I always thought that I will never get past it. But I did & I’m writing this blog. This means that I’m stronger than I think.

Number 5:

” Just because something is important to you, it doesn’t mean it’s important to them.”

I used to take it as a personal offense when someone didn’t show interest in something that I liked.

It still takes me a lot of practice to realise that this book or movie that I’m talking about or this dress that I bought online or this incident that happened at home last night maybe hugely relevant to me but it isn’t important to the other person and that’s OKAY.

Thank you Superwoman for spreading smiles and love 😊

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