My Golden Boy

Among all my pets, Goldie has always been my favorite.

Infact, he had managed to charm everyone at home & all he had to do was say a pretty meow & he would get away with anything.

“Goldie, did you eat the fish from the tava?”
“Meow (Oh, that was not meant to be eaten? 🙀But the tava was kept open.. )

” Goldie, did you sleep on the sofa? “
” Meow ( Damn, I was just so tired today 😿)

He is the laziest guy I’ve ever seen. He used to not even get up to eat. We had to always keep his food separate.

Too lazy to even open his eyes for a picture

But when it came to chasing poor Tuffy down, his speed was amazing!!

” Goldie, did you beat Tuffy? “
” Meow (We were just arguing, no biggie 🐱)”

Goldie’s lone talent was jumping through the gate. And I bet he did that just because he was too lazy to climb the walls.

While the others hunted rats, lizards and cockroaches, Goldie would be like,
” Meow (I do not know what that species is😼) “

Even while the other cats played, he enjoyed his languid sunbathe.

He was a very handsome cat. He had this really big bushy tail that he sadly lost to an accident. But he survived that. He was a fighter. He was the Mufasa of my cat clan.

For me, Goldie is much more than a pet. He is one of my closest friends. I used to talk to him a lot. He used to hang around me all the time.

We had our “inside” things – like he would never get up from his perch till he saw me & I would know which piece to steal from the other cats’ share & give him from the ways he used to dig his claws into my jeans. Ouch Gold!!

I used to call him by ridiculous nicknames like ‘Oldie Moldie Goldie‘, throw movie and book references at him, we even have a song together!!

I have many fond moments with him and this is how I’ll always remember him – as my Golden Boy 💛

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