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Do not compare your troubles

Just like happiness shouldn’t be compared, troubles shouldn’t be compared too.

We are all different individuals with our own individual journeys. To one person thier career could be important, to someone else getting married to the love of thier lives, to someone overcoming thier physical handicaps and to somebody taking care of their families. We all have different priorities.

So then why is it that one person’s issues are considered less important than the other?

” Atleast you are better off than others. Other people have it worse.”

For me, my work stress could be taking up it’s entire toll on my physical health and you come up to me and say, “Well, atleast you don’t have to go home and cook!?”

So like, if you lose a loved one, do you go up to them and say, “Oh you know what, atleast you didn’t die as well.” Does it make thier suffering any less?

You could be drowning in a swimming pool or you could be drowning in the ocean, you are dead either ways. Just because your troubles are oceans and my troubles are swimming pool does not mean that my worries are non existent or not worth addressing.

And well what looks like a shallow swimming pool to you from afar, come in bit closer, wear my shoes – wear my entire circumstances, my previous life experiences, my nature – and tell me if you can swim to the surface.

And don’t talk to me about priveleged problems. Like, if I say my foot is fractured, don’t say, “Oh same, my eyeliner wasn’t straight at all today.”

And know this, if a person is telling you about thier troubles, it’s bcoz they trust you and they will feel a little better after talking to you.

So don’t say stuff like, “Gosh, you are just complaining all the time.”

Help them instead.

In times of happiness we jump aboard the celebrations, in times of troubles, can we try to help each other to lessen the load?

You don’t have to go and do thier work for them. You can just listen to them without invalidating thier feelings.

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