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Stressed Out!!

My blood has been boiling bubbles with stress.

The last two weeks were one contiguous stretch of anxiety, tension and breakdown.

There was a Maha cyclone in my head and I had to put all my remaining energy in keeping it off the coast of my eyes by blowing air at it.

Honestly, I went to the coffee machine and placed my mug under the wrong drip. As a result all my coffee got drained and I’m wondering like, hmm, maybe there was no milk.
Only when I came for coffee round two, did it strike me I was misplacing my mug.

I booked a conf room for a meeting and was seated in the room 15 minutes in advance but forgot to connect to the meeting when the time actually came.
Ten minutes later, when I scrambled quickly online, everyone had dropped off the meeting.

I even kept calling a colleague by a wrong name several times during a conversation, until he politely pointed out, “My name’s P, not M”

The IT clown has started appearing in my dreams.

I’m soaked in stress!! All I want to do is hide under my blankets and never come out.


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