Matheran is a step back from the hustle of routine life.

From Goa to Neral and till we reached the Dasturi parking, I did not have any plan of how we would explore this hill station.

The toy train that usually runs from Neral to Matheran was not available due to the derailing of the tracks during Monsoons.

Toy train engine

Automobiles aren’t allowed in Matheran. So, our options to trugde up the hill were – either walk, or take a hand pushed rickshaw or

Mount a horse!!

Every horse here has a serial number and a name. The names are quite interesting. My friend here is called Tez and he was really impatient to just complete the ride as soon as possible.

I guess when I am going to think of Matheran, I am always going to remember the horses first.

On Saturday night, the marketplace was teeming with horses and tourists. There was a lot of chatter and music.

Main Baazar

Matheran has many viewpoints that are separated by a lot of distance. We decided to explore on foot and those 18 hours, I just walked around and talked endlessly.

At the end of the day, we had clocked up 24.5 kms 😁

I wanted to watch the sunrise as I have never seen one before. So I dragged my husband out at 4.30 am and we waited 2 hours to watch the sun rise.

Dawn selfie

The food here is quite pricey for normal food but I’m a sucker for Pahadi Maggi and Adrak Wali Chai so I wasn’t about to let that go

Even if this simple breakfast cost us 140 bucks😝

Most of the spots that we covered were in South Matheran. We had a target of about 12 spots and we are glad we could do that and a bit more.

Khandala Point
Charlotte Lake
Echo Point
Malang Point

There is a small but amazing Vastu Sangrahalaya on Shivaji Maharaj. It houses the letters originally written by him,

The original script is called Modi lipi

the armory,

and his sword.

Bhavani Talwar

The life story of Shivaji too is depicted and was quite an interesting read for a history buff like me.

Afsal Khancha Vadh

There are games organised at some of the points. Me being very lucky at these things, I won us a Frooti bottle 😂😂

The landscapes are serene.

View from Louisa Point

By evening, we were happily awaiting the sunset.

Dusk selfie

Night was a bit of a shopping.

Monday morning when we were leaving Matheran, the hill station was already deserted. We were two content souls making it down the slope with our luggage!

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