Fbing after a Long Time

I got on Facebook after a hiatus and it felt quite like catching up with a friend you haven’t met since college & updating your gossip db.

I wish I had some popcorn handy.

As soon as I logged in, the blue bell in the corner went happily like, “You’ve Got Notifications!!”

When I clicked on it, it was a beleaguer of information.


I started scrolling through my timeline which was full of surprises one after the other.



Me: She wasn’t married yet?
Reaction: 👍



Me: They have a baby already?!
Reaction: 😮



Me:  Oh , I wanna visit that place too!!
Reaction: ❤️

I realised that there a lot of pending timeline requests and I guess it does not make sense to approve them now.

Also, why Facebook are you bringing memories I don’t wanna see on my wall?


There are “Friendversary” notifications with people I don’t even meet in my daily life. Also, where did half of the people on my list come from? I’m “friends” with people I haven’t even heard of.


There was a similar thing going on with Messenger as well. I had a friend of friend ping me and I saw that message like 2 years late.

Clearly, I can’t keep track of these multiple conversations all at once.

But now that I was there online, maybe I could change my photo…

When I logged out half an hour later, it was with a sense of relief that I’m not going to be doing that again anytime soon.

tenor (1).gif





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