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5 years of Blogging ✍️

Few days ago, was my WordPress Anniversary!!

5 years of blogging

In these 5 years, I have spoken about a bunch of different topics.

I blog about my interests , which are very varied. One moment I could be talking about a book , a tv show or a movie; Next I’m talking about the Supermoon.

I mostly blog a lot about my thoughts , mood swings and feelings and these posts matter a lot to me.

I post a lot of quotes too.

I write about places I have visited and on observations I make – that ranges from Types of Traffic to When Guests Come Over.

I talk about the people in my life. And I adore my pets.

I have done some reposts and I have done some tags which were fun.

I have written about my dreams, my inspirations, my hopes and my going against my hopes.

I have made attempts to write fiction too.

My blog is like the Notes app for my brain. And my posts are those that made it out of the Drafts folder to Published Online.




Blogging thoughts, feelings, dreams, interests and aspirations ✍️

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