Types of Difficult People

Interacting with difficult people is like draining your power bank charging other people’s phones. And when you have to charge yourself, you realise you have already spent every bit of your patience and energy on others.

The Surveillance Cameras
These people just need to know everything there is about you – where you went on the weekend, what you ate at that restaurant and who did you go to that movie with. And they are not even subtle about it. You enter and they would be like standing right behind the door frame, holding a gun to your forehead, demanding details.


The Free Advice Loaders
These people are authorised by public rights to give you advice irrespective of whether you asked for it or not and whether you need it or not.

geet free

They give it out for free because honestly they are not using their advice themselves.


The Seasonal Best Friends
We all have these friends who will be our besties whenever they need something from us. And once the need is done, if you call or message them, they are somehow always busy or mysteriously AWOL.


The Energy Sucking Leeches
This umbrella category encompasses the following:

Naysayers “I don’t think you can do this”
They are no good at motivating you esp when you are already in self doubt.

Complain Boxes “That was okay but it could have been better”
They love to remind you that you were/are/will never be good enough.

Bore Barrels “I’m bored, can you skip your work to entertain me?”
They will bore you because they are bored and thus the chain reaction goes on

Blah Blah Black Sheeps “Wait, what was that? What were you saying? Oh,okay. You should listen to what I did… blah blah blah…”
They are hardly interested in listening to what you say while you have to be tuned to their FM channel all the time.

Mood changers
They go all, “Aww, why do look so sad?” on days when you are actually happy or when you are being by yourself, they come up to you and say, “What’s wrong with you today?”


The (They Think They Are) Know It Alls
You and me have no idea how multi talented these people are. They (supposedly) know everything there is to everything and everyone.

know everything
These are my personal favourites – because I love listening to their creative lies while I secretly know the bland truth.

I just don’t know the right techniques to draw a boundary around difficult people. And at the end of the day, I’m left wondering why do I feel so exhausted?!

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