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Books or Their Movies??

Part I) Popular Books that were better than their Movies

Harry Potter Series


Harry Potter is what defined my childhood and made me what I am. When I read the books, my imagination soared, they brought me so much happiness.


Well, I’m not saying the movies were bad. In fact, the initial movies were really good but they started twisting the plot to fit the screenplay and the latter movies were just so bleak you know.

I was emotionally invested into the books, which is why, even after reading them n times, I still cry over Dobby, feel that numbness when Dumbledore is thrown off the tower and oh I feel so bad for Snape!

To complete my book collection, I saved money and hunted for the books wherever I could. But with the movies, even though they are on TV every other day, I don’t feel like watching them.


The Da Vinci Code

Well, in fairness, with hugely descriptive books such as these, it’s difficult to fit everything into a 2 hour movie. The author has put ample amount of research into the book and crafted it well to trigger intrigue. The movie tries quite well but just doesn’t hold a candle to the book.

da vinci

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Lisbeth Salander blew me off! I couldn’t stop till I finished all three books. This is a character that has intrigued me and annoyed me in equal measure. I have read many characters in many novels but Salander is a character which is complex as well as really easy to understand at the same time.


While, the movie is stylish enough, it doesn’t dive deep into the minds of the characters. We can see their actions but we can’t hear their thoughts.

Part II) Popular Series/Movies that were better than their Books

Game of Thrones

*Trying not to think about the finale here*

But this series was simply outstanding. It’s something that doesn’t need my justification because it will always stay legendary.



Hence, when I came to it’s books –

  • First off, I think MBBS students also do not read such fat and fine print books.
  • Secondly, I get being descriptive but describing a person travelling over 5 pages is exhausting to read. And, I used to stay up in the night to read these books dutifully. There are so many sections that needed a trim.
  • Thirdly, I don’t know if I will live long enough till the last book comes out.

The Vampire Diaries

I am a fan of this series. It’s my love, my passion, my foray into a new world of supernatural obsession. It’s where I met my fictional love, Damon Salvatore. It’s when I unintentionally started binge-watching 😝

the vampire diaries

I made an attempt to read the first book and I found it pretty basic. It didn’t stir the craze and hence I couldn’t truly move forward and read it completely.


Gone Girl

I vaguely remember reading the book but I remember the movie characters pretty well. So I guess I can safely say the movie made a much bigger impact on me than the book.

gone girl

I read that the endings in the movie and the book are different but I can’t seem to remember the book ending. Which could only mean I was sufficiently satisfied with the movie version.

Part III) Popular Books that were as good as their Movies

Devil Wears Prada

The glitz , the glamour, the arrogance, the style – matched up every bit to the book.


The Girl on the Train

The performances in this movie did justice to bringing the book alive.

girl on the train

The suspense, the revelation, the ending was all like I remembered it and wanted it to be.

P.S. I Love You

Oh, I loveee this book. It makes me cry, feel warm within and just makes me feel so grateful for my life.


And the movie brought out the same deep ache and mushiness.


I love them both!!

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