10 of my Favorite Feelings

I came across this tag on lifesfinewhine blog. I was feeling low that day and when I saw this post, I thought it would be a good way to try and change my mood and fill my brain with happy things!!!

  1. When I am appreciated for my work
    I get discouraged pretty quickly so whenever my efforts are appreciated, it uplifts me. It could be a simple pat on the back for making a perfect puri to being vocally recognized for my talents. It helps to keep me going on.

  2. The ‘Finally’ moments
    I get filled with so much joy when something I have been waiting for to happen for a very long time finally happens. I get so excited. It could be a parcel that I was waiting to be delivered or a long pending trip we embark on.When I was younger, it was waiting for my parents to get home.

  3. Reading/Watching a very much anticipated twist in the story(or even reading spoilers)
    Whenever I am watching my favorite series or reading a book and a plot twist comes up my body automatically inclines forward and I am lost in the scene. My mind zigzags through possibilities that may happen, my heart flutters with nerves and when I watch the scene unfold , I am dazed. (Having said that I also cannot resist a spoiler. When I was watching Game of Thrones, I couldn’t stop myself from reading on every prediction and review online. It used to feel like a forbidden adventure.)

  4. Enjoying a good meal
    When my tummy’s happy, I’m happy. I actually love to eat a good meal and then nap contentedly like a cat.

  5. Having an engaging conversation
    I love having conversations which are two way. I say some, you say some and the words keep flowing. Especially when I discuss common topics of interest with my friends and we talk without having to look at our mobiles – that’s very satisfactory.

  6. Waking up after a good night’s sleep
    If I fall asleep without waking up in the middle of the night, I feel energized in the morning. I used to be the first one to be up at home. I was a morning bird.

  7. Having something to plan for
    I love making plans, getting everyone on board, making checklists, organizing and collecting stuff and packing my bags. I also love unpacking and tabulating the finances.

  8. Hugs
    Especially when I am sad, hugs seem to have a comforting effect on me. It makes me feel wanted and safe.

  9. A Good Laugh
    A genuine good loud laugh.

  10. Seeing something Inspiring
    I believe there are always some qualities in others that we can learn from. When I see such inspiring individuals around me, I reflect upon myself and I get this resolute to do something with my life.

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